Annulment, Divorce and Legal Separation in the Philippines: Questions and Answers

There are many questions relating to annulment and divorce in the Philippines, and many of the concerns of our readers had already been addressed in previous articles. Nevertheless, to consolidate everything for everyone’s easy reference, here are the FAQs on annulment and divorce in the Philippines:

Is divorce allowed under Philippine laws?

No, divorce is not allowed in the Philippines. However, there are certain instances wherein the divorce secured abroad by the foreigner-spouse, and even by former Filipinos, are recognized under Philippine laws.

Would it make any difference if I marry abroad where divorce is allowed?

No. Filipinos are covered by this prohibition based on the “nationality principle”, regardless of wherever they get married (and regardless where they get a decree of divorce).

I was married in the Philippines and secured a divorce in the United States. Both of us are Filipinos and my spouse voluntarily signed the divorce papers. After the divorce, I married another guy, a former Filipino who had acquired U.S. citizenship. I am still a Filipino citizen. Is my previous marriage still valid in the Phils.?

Yes, the first marriage is still considered valid in the Philippines because divorce between Filipinos, wherever secured and even if with the consent of both spouses, is not recognized under Philippine laws. In other words, as far as the Philippines is concerned, the second marriage is null and void.

If divorce is not allowed in the Philippines, does this mean that spouses have no remedy in getting out of a problematic marriage?

While divorce is against public policy and is prohibited by law, the Family Code provides for certain grounds to annul a marriage or declare it as null and void.

Is “annulment” different from a “declaration of nullity” of marriage?

Yes. In essence, “annulment” applies to a marriage that is considered valid, but there are grounds to nullify it. A “declaration of nullity” of marriage, on the other hand, applies to marriages that are void or invalid from the very beginning. In other words, it was never valid in the first place.

Also, an action for annulment of voidable marriages may prescribe, while an action for declaration of nullity of marriage does not prescribe.

So, if a marriage is void from the very beginning (void ab initio), there’s no need to file anything in court?

For purposes of remarriage, there must be a court order declaring the marriage as null and void. Entering into a subsequent marriage without such court declaration means that: (a) the subsequent marriage is void; and (b) the parties open themselves to a possible charge of bigamy.

What if no marriage certificate could be found?

Justice Sempio-Dy, in the “Handbook of on the Family Code of the Philippines” (p. 26, 1997 reprint), says: “The marriage certificate is not an essential or formal requisite of marriage without which the marriage will be void. An oral marriage is, therefore, valid, and failure of a party to sign the marriage certificate or the omission of the solemnizing officer to send a copy of the marriage certificate to the proper local civil registrar, does not invalidate the marriage. Also the mere fact that no record of marriage can be found, does not invalidate the marriage provided all the requisites for its validity are present.” (Citations omitted)

What are the grounds for annulment?

1. Lack of parental consent in certain cases. If a party is 18 years or over, but below 21, and the marriage was solemnized without the consent of the parents/guardian. However, the marriage is validated if, upon reaching 21, the spouses freely cohabited with the other and both lived together as husband and wife.

2. Insanity. A marriage may be annulled if, at the time of marriage, either party was of unsound mind, unless such party after coming to reason, freely cohabited with the other as husband and wife.

3. Fraud. The consent of either party was obtained by fraud, unless such party afterwards, with full knowledge of the facts constituting the fraud, freely cohabited with the other as husband and wife. Fraud includes: (i) non-disclosure of a previous conviction by final judgment of the other party of a crime involving moral turpitude; (ii) concealment by the wife of the fact that at the time of the marriage, she was pregnant by a man other than her husband; (iii) concealment of sexually transmissible disease or STD, regardless of its nature, existing at the time of the marriage; or (iv) concealment of drug addiction, habitual alcoholism or homosexuality or lesbianism existing at the time of the marriage. However, no other misrepresentation or deceit as to character, health, rank, fortune or chastity shall constitute such fraud as will give grounds for action for the annulment of marriage.

4. Force, intimidation or undue influence. If the consent of either party was obtained by any of these means, except in cases wherein the force, intimidation or undue influence having disappeared or ceased, the complaining party thereafter freely cohabited with the other as husband and wife.

5. Impotence. At the time of marriage, either party was physically incapable of consummating the marriage with the other, and such incapacity continues and appears to be incurable. Impotence is different from being infertile.

6. STD. If, at the time of marriage, either party was afflicted with a sexually-transmissible disease found to be serious and appears to be incurable. If the STD is not serious or is curable, it may still constitute fraud (see No. 3 above).

What if a spouse discovers that his/her spouse is a homosexual or is violent, can he/she ask for annulment?

Homosexuality or physical violence, by themselves, are not sufficient to nullify a marriage. At the very least, however, these grounds may be used as basis for legal separation.

How is “legal separation” different from annulment?

The basic difference is this – in legal separation, the spouses are still considered married to each other, and, thus, may not remarry.

What are the grounds for legal separation?

1. Repeated physical violence or grossly abusive conduct directed against the petitioner, a common child, or a child of the petitioner.

2. Physical violence or moral pressure to compel the petitioner to change religious or political affiliation.

3. Attempt of respondent to corrupt or induce the petitioner, a common child, or a child of the petitioner, to engage in prostitution, or connivance in such corruption or inducement.

4. Final judgment sentencing the respondent to imprisonment of more than six years, even if pardoned.

5. Drug addiction or habitual alcoholism of the respondent.

6. Lesbianism or homosexuality of the respondent.

7. Contracting by the respondent of a subsequent bigamous marriage, whether in the Philippines or abroad.

8. Sexual infidelity or perversion.

9. Attempt by the respondent against the life of the petitioner.

10. Abandonment of petitioner by respondent without justifiable cause for more than one year.

The term “child” shall include a child by nature or by adoption.

What happens if after learning that your husband (or wife) is unfaithful (No. 8 above), you still co-habitate with him/her?

This may be construed as condonation, which is a defense in actions for legal separation. In addition to condonation, the following are the defenses in legal separation:

1. Consent.
2. Connivance (in the commission of the offense or act constituting the ground for legal separation).
3. Mutual guilt (both parties have given ground for legal separation).
4. Collusion (to obtain decree of legal separation).
5. Prescription (5 years from the occurence of the cause for legal separation).

If you’re separated from your spouse for 4 years, is that a sufficient ground for annulment?

No. De facto separation is not a ground for annulment. However, the absence of 2 or 4 years, depending on the circumstances, may be enough to ask the court for a declaration of presumptive death of the “absent spouse”, in which case the petitioner may again re-marry.

What are the grounds for declaration of nullity of marriage?

1. Minority (those contracted by any party below 18 years of age even with the consent of parents or guardians).

2. Lack of authority of solemnizing officer (those solemnized by any person not legally authorized to perform marriages, unless such marriages were contracted with either or both parties believing in good faith that the solemnizing officer had the legal authority to do so).

3. Absence of marriage license (except in certain cases).

4. Bigamous or polygamous marriages (except in cases where the other spouse is declared as presumptively dead).

5. Mistake in identity (those contracted through mistake of one contracting party as to the identity of the other).

6. After securing a judgement of annulment or of asolute nullity of mariage, the parties, before entering into the subsequent marriage, failed to record with the appropriate registry the: (i) partition and distribute the properties of the first marriage; and (ii) delivery of the children’s presumptive legitime.

7. Incestous marriages (between ascendants and descendants of any degree, between brothers and sisters, whether of the full or half blood).

8. Void by reason of public policy. Marriages between (i) collateral blood relatives whether legitimate or illegitimate, up to the fourth civil degree; (ii) step-parents and step-children; (iii) parents-in-law and children-in-law; (iv) adopting parent and the adopted child; (v) surviving spouse of the adopting parent and the adopted child; (vi) surviving spouse of the adopted child and the adopter; (vii) an adopted child and a legitimate child of the adopter; (viii) adopted children of the same adopter; and (ix) parties where one, with the intention to marry the other, killed that other person’s spouse, or his or her own spouse.

9. Psychological Incapacity. Psychological incapacity, which a ground for annulment of marriage, contemplates downright incapacity or inability to take cognizance of and to assume the basic marital obligations; not a mere refusal, neglect or difficulty, much less, ill will, on the part of the errant spouse. Irreconcilable differences, conflicting personalities, emotional immaturity and irresponsibility, physical abuse, habitual alcoholism, sexual infidelity or perversion, and abandonment, by themselves, also do not warrant a finding of psychological incapacity. We already discussed the guidelines and illustrations of psychological incapacity, including a case involving habitual lying, as well as the steps and procedure in filing a petition.

Please note, however, that there are still other grounds to declare a marriage as null and void.

Can I file a petition (annulment or declaration of absolute nullity of marriage) even if I am in a foreign country?

Yes, the rules recognize and allow the filing of the petition by Filipinos who are overseas.

Update: Browse through the comments below to check if your questions are similar to that of others. Other common issues are consolidated in Part II or in Costs in seeking an Annulment.

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284 Responses to Annulment, Divorce and Legal Separation in the Philippines: Questions and Answers

  1. rwan says:


    is there such a law where a married woman can buy a property using her maiden name? will it be still considered ‘conjugal’?


  2. Atty.Fred says:

    Rwan, I’m not aware of any. On the other hand, a married woman is required to use the family name of the husband. The extent by which a married woman may acquire property under her own name largely depends on the kind of property relationship legally established during the time of marriage.

  3. andreix says:

    Dear Atty.,

    It’s been 2 years since my wife and I are not living with each other, My wife is living with another man right now and I have heard of rumors that she is now pregnant.
    Can I file for the annulment of our marraige?
    How? What will be my remedy to remarry?


  4. indoubt says:

    Dear Atty,

    Been separated from my husband for 6 years or more. He’s got his own family right now. We are not legally separated. I am just waiting for visa approval to work in the States. I want to take my boyfriend along who is not legally separated from the wife.

    Will a marriage in Hongkong be valid for us to be husband and wife? Will the US imigration consider this valid? Will they check with PHIL NSO for previous marriage records?

    Please advise.

  5. Atty.Fred says:

    indoubt, please read the reply here. Thanks.

  6. keith kilner says:

    Dear atty, how do you find out if a marriage is still legal?

  7. AttyatWork says:

    Please try the National Statistics Office (NSO).

  8. almond_eyes09 says:

    thank you for this blog entry.

    it’s very informative & comprehensive – yet simple enough for laymen to understand.


  9. endlessgrind says:

    Dear Atty. Fred,

    RTC granted a favorable decision on my petition for annulment last march. last week, we received an Motion of Reconsideration from the SolGen. My grounds was psychological incapacity. They wanted the case dismissed for lack of merit. What are the chances that the Court upholds the RTC decision? Most of the decisions i read from the net dismissed the petition for annulment. Is this appeal of the Solgen tantamount to dismissal of the case and they are only prolonging my agony in the process?

    thanks sir.

  10. AttyatWork says:

    almond_eyes, you’re welcome, and thanks for the kind words.

    enlessgrind, the SolGen is entitled to seek a reconsideration of the decision. It’s not tantamount to a dismissal, because it is still to be resolved by the court. Good luck.

  11. boom says:

    i need to know if after annulment, re marrying is possible?
    coz i’ve been separated with my husband for the last 2 years now without any support to our kids, i want to demand the support more importantly, but i dont know how to proceed, since we were not legally separated, he always refuse to give and not even bothered to ask about our kids welfare, in short abondoned, wat can i do?
    at the time being i’m living in with my new bf, who is legally separated, how can i avoid some charges in the future, like adultery? we are planning to get married, how can we make it possible?
    your help is much required, and will be appreciated.

    thank you very much, and keep up the good work!!!!!


  12. Atty. Fred says:

    Boom, re-marrying is possible after annulment. As to the rest of your questions, I’m terribly sorry but I’m prohibited from giving any legal advice here. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll read your answers by reading the article on Annulment, Divorce and Legal Separation in the Philippines: Questions and Answers (legal advice is also not allowed at the Forum).

  13. Maria Escala says:

    Atty. Fred,
    I just wondring if u can help me to my situation, Last April 1991, i was married to one of filipino there. then we have 1 son na pinanganak ko lang at lumaki na sa mga parents ko. his 16 years old now. so as usual ang napangasawa ko eh tamad at umaasa lang sa magulang. then nag abroad ako ng june 1991. at di nako nakabalik after that at ang lalaking pinakasalan ko eh. may kinasama ng 4 na babae at may anak syang 7 ngayon. ang gusto ko lang pong mangyari ay mapawalang bisa ang kasal namin. Do u think madali ko lang maaayos yon. Please if u can help dahil diko na alam kong sino ang lalapitan ko dahil sa tagal ko ng di umuuwi. at ayaw kong maluko ako ng attorney na kukunin. please give a good advice…looking forward to hear from u”thank u at more power,,,,Maria

  14. Atty. Fred says:

    Maria, annulment is never easy, as you may read my other post -

    When you get back here in the Philippines, or you would want to hire a lawyer to handle your petition, let me know so I could make recommendations.

    Good luck and God bless.

  15. mei says:

    atty fred,
    could you recommend reliable lawyers who could handle annulment cases for a reasonable fee? thank you

  16. Atty. Fred says:

    Mei, where’s your residence (or the residence of your spouse) and what amount is “reasonable” for you. Let’s see if we have friends in those places.

  17. Maria says:

    I am looking for an annulment lawyer that charges a reasonable price. I live in Paranaque, can you give me some recommendations?

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  19. kuks says:

    will it be possible to file an annulment eventhough i am here in the US and my wife is in the Philippines?

  20. Atty. Fred says:

    Maria, not in Paranaque, but in the surrounding areas. I suppose you’re from Paranaque.
    Kuks, there’s an article at the e-Legal Forum that discusses your question. Go here.
    Thank you.

  21. Robert Jones says:

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Robert Jones. I have a friend in Manila. Her husband left her over five years ago. He took on a female partner and he and his out of wed lock girlfriend had a baby. He told my friend that if she wanted her freedom, it would be up to her to obtain it.

    She is not sure what to do or how much it will cost and what process is required to get the annulement completed. Can you please recommend an attorney that can handle this for her; one that does is honest and is not a pirate. If you would please send me the information, I will forward it to her.

    I will also contact the American Embassy as I am sure they can provide a contact so I can ensure the charges are not inflated and no one is comitting inland priracy.


    Robert Jones

  22. kite says:


    I would just like to ask, Usually how long will it take for a marriage to be annulled? Is three years enough? Thank you so much =D

  23. Atty. Fred says:

    Robert, I believe that if the embassy people could give you the rates, they also know the lawyers. I suggest you also ask them for names so you’ll have no doubts.
    Kite, your questions are answered here: Annulment in the Philippines: Questions and Answers (Part 2)

  24. kite says:

    Hi Atty Fred,

    Thank you so much for that, lastly where could I check if there was an annulment case filed?

  25. Atty. Fred says:

    Kite, that’s a tough task. You could check with the RTC Office of the Clerk of Court in the place of residence of each spouse….assuming the petition is actually filed there. Good luck.

  26. Liam Kirk says:

    Hello there Esquire,

    My question is regarding the divorce of a Filipina, I am an American Citizen and the obvious is the ladder, I have been living in the states, she has been living in the Philippines, we have lost contact for 4 years now as the marriage was pretty much over as soon as it began, I have since found myself involved with another Filipina whom I wish to marry right away, can I get a divorce in the States even though she is in the Philippines? we got married over there but I would like to resolve it here in the States so I can start the K-1 process- this is so frusterating – I have looked all over the Philippines for my ex – her family says they don’t even know where she is I have tried so many things can you help me?

  27. carrie says:

    Hi, Good day to you… I just want to ask if its possible for you to recommend a good lawyer where we could seek advice from regarding annulment, and also who would offer a reasonable fee for his/her services. I’m from marikina city although currently based abroad. Thank you very much. God Bless.

  28. chris Cardenas says:

    My nme is Chris, i live in the US i married a filipina in Nov 05 in the Phiippines, and i came back to the us after 2 weeks to start her paper work and paid all fee’s and here interview date was 13 months after we were married, and it was time for her medical, and one week later her interview then she couls come to the US , she informed me she was not coming here and she was with another man their in the Philippines and was due to have his baby soon, I filed for divorce here in the US she did not respond, if i was to patition another Filipina in the future do i need to have an annulment or is my Divorce in the US fine? please help?

  29. ALBERTO o QUINTELA says:

    Iwas married when I was 17 years, Im leaving Abroad fpr quite long time 2006 I found that my wife having a relation wit other guy, And she admitted as well,Then i let her go to that man, Now my question is, allready ten years that we dont have any communication nor body contact,Now I heard that she in hongkong, Can I file an annullment for any ground like my parent signature was fake cos im the one who signed with out thier consent,

  30. Atty. Fred says:

    Liam, the post has been updated. The updates address your concerns.

    Carrie, please check your email.

    Chris, I hope you’ve noticed the constant reminder that legal advice is not dispensed here. In general, as you may have read from the articles, Philippine law recognizes a foreign divorce secured by the foreigner-spouse, but such recognition is not automatice. It must be proved just like any fact in court.

    Mr. Quintela, the proper ground to invoke in asking for the annulment or declaration of nullity of your marriage is best discussed with your lawyer. Good luck and God bless.

  31. Bianca Gonzales says:

    Dear Atty:

    Im separated from my husband and not yet annulled…I just have one question. Can I get married/re-marry outside the country (United states)?

    Thank you so much!

  32. D. Mitchell says:

    i am an American Military member who is stationed over seas. i have met a Filipina and have been dating for sometime. well the problem is she is “married” in the Philippines but her and her husband are separated but not “legally separated”. we want to get married but don’t even know where to begin. Can you give some advice so we can make some decisions. please.

  33. candy says:

    im 5 yrs sprtd wd d father of my kids.I cant file 4 an annulment or even legal separation coz its expensive.Can we just have an agreement written in black and white, stating all d things regarding our separation and my childrens right to him and we’ll just signed and notified it by an attorney.Im 2 mo. prgnant now.My boyfriend for 2 years wants to use his surname, will that be possible?.Also,my boyfriend is so much willing to adopt my kids and even change their surname to his’s.what legal action,in a less expensive way could me and my boyfriend use in order to achieve this…

  34. Atty. Fred says:

    Bianca, the answer is clear from the post. Thanks.

    D. Mitchell, first off, I must apologize because I’m prohibited from giving any legal advice here. In general, however, perhaps you can begin with the discussions in the posts that any subsequent marriage is null and void so long as the previouse marriage is not annuled, or not declared as null and void. A petition is required for that purpose.

    Candy, as stated above, I can’t give any legal advice here. Perhaps youc concerns will be covered in the next post. Please drop by from time to time. Thanks and good luck.

  35. Cel says:

    I am with a man right now, he was married in the PHils. with an American Citizen, the woman left for the US and obtained a divorce there. The man I am with signed the papers when his wife got back a year after, yet he was not able to get a copy of this divorce papers. The woman is believed to be married in the US with 3 children. May we marry here in the Phils? If so, where can we obtain a copy of the divorce paper? It has been 4 yrs since the divorce.

  36. Mandy says:


    I’m already one month separated with my husband and during our separation we still talk, see and sometimes sleep over in his/my place. Friends & relatives told me that I should avoid seeing him because he might having an affair and I confirmed that he has other woman thru text messages. Now, I’m asking him to return the properties that I bought like the car he is using right now. He told me that if I insist to get the car, he will get a lawyer to file a legal separation and he will demand to sell all the properties including the things I bought during our separation because I was the one who move out from our house. So, I started on my own. My question, Can I just put all the properties that I have right now under the company I’m working with. Let say, it was only company benefits but still they are company properties so that he won’t get anything from me.

    I’m hoping for your immediate response. Thank you very much!

  37. Atty. Fred says:

    Mandy, I’m terribly sorry but I’m prohibited from giving legal advice here. I hope you understand.

    That’s a tough question to answer, primarily because you don’t know in what court the divorce was filed. Besides, I’m not that familiar with the U.S. legal system.

  38. leo says:


    is it possible to annul the annulled marriage?

  39. rhomai says:


    i was married in civil 7years ago. And for almost 6years i am separated to my son’s father. And now he has 2kids with her gf. And I have my bf now who lives in australia and willing to bring me there and get married soon.What is the best thing for me to do? We want to start my fiancee visa as soon as possible.Need your response sir. Thank you!

  40. Atty. Fred says:

    Rhomai, you must first set your house in order, so to speak. Read this (and the related posts):

    Leo, I’m not sure if I got your question right. You can’t annul a marriage which had been annulled. Unless you can convince me otherwise…

  41. djan says:

    I think it’s high time that the Philippines have its own divorce law. The church believes in the sanctity of marriage but what about the sanctity of the lives that’s been ruin by separation and abuses inside the married life. We can see in our surroundings that there are so many broken families(even without divorce law), what happens to the children, they end up in the street, undeducated and abused. If there is a divorce law, the rights of the children will be protected, and also the rights of the women will be safeguarded, they will both get financial support.

  42. Atty. Fred says:

    djan, the debate is ongoing. In fact, your point has been tackled in a previous post. May I suggest that you repost your comment or further expound on your argument here:

  43. RAMI says:


    Since we are in the process of our annulment, the girlfriend of my husband is already pregnant. Can I file charges on them?

  44. perl Agapay says:

    My husband is a canadian he filed a divorce in canada, is still my marriage still legal if ever the divorce will be approve in canada.
    Do i still use his name?

  45. Atty. Fred says:


    The link to the related post is provided in the article above. Just in case you missed it, here it is”


    There are also posts here related to your concern. Kindly search this blog. Thanks.

  46. tamika says:

    Is my lawyer capable to demand re: financial obligation to my husband even we are not legally separated? does my attorney have the power and authority to order such obligation?

  47. Atty. Fred says:


    I’m terribly sorry but it’s unethical for me to second-guess your lawyer. Kindly discuss these matters with him/her. Good luck and God bless.

  48. SACRA_lex says:

    this is an actual case regarding a bumb lawyer. i filed before an RTC a petition for annulment of my marriage. the respondent did not Asnwer within the required period. during pre-Trial, she appeared all of a sudden. i told my lawyer to oppose her appearance which he failed to do so.

    atty Fred, sir. what must i do? can i not have my wife (respondent) declared in default or have her excluded from any appearance whatsoever?

    your response would be highly appreciated. thnx

  49. Atty. Fred says:

    SCRA, im sorry it’s not proper for me to go second-guessing your lawyer. There’s a provision in the procedure regarding the respondent not being declared in default, and im sure it’s the subject of debate. pls search the procedure here. Good lUck

  50. ehm says:

    i’ve been seperated with my wife for 5 yrs.this marriage was a mistake. i was force to do it when her family found out that were dating they suddenly arrranged the wedding so i have no choice that time but to marry young and just started to get ajob.i was cofused that time even my parents dont know that i get married.could i used this as a strong ground for annulment?and now i want to seek for annulment. iwonder how much did it cost to file an annulment?and how long would it take?

  51. hi,how will i know if my marriage was filed or not in NSO?can u give a website to check the status.if the person was seperated for 8 yrs but not legally what will i do?i wanna file an annullment,no child support,he married to the wife for so many yrs can i use this for ground of annulment?

  52. Atty. Fred says:

    ehm, the costs and duration are discussed in the article above. Perhaps you just missed the update at the bottom of the post (or you could call the office).

    rachel, you have to go or send someone to the nearest NSO office.

  53. Jemma says:

    how to find marriage is filed at NSO?

  54. Jemma says:

    How much can spent in the case of annulment?

  55. Jemma says:

    It is true that in five years civil wedding if doesnt work, you can filed annulment?

  56. Shawn says:

    Hello I am interested to know how I can marry a Philippine girl under U.S. circumstances. she is separated and is not eligible for the flowing guidelines you have menchened. Is there anyway that she can get some sort of paperwork that will allow her to get married to a U.S. citizen.

  57. ma says:

    Im a filipina married an englishman for 25 yrs. I ‘ve got the feeling my husband remarried there in either cebu or Cagayan de Oro. Could you tell me how to trace if the marriage really took place? He’s been buying property there in Bukidnon and also livestocks and lately opened up a sari sari store but they are all in this womans name. Could I be entitled to half of his property if proven I’m right with my suspicion? He just abondoned us and we are still legally married. All the assets he bought this woman, will I be entitled to half of it? How long will it take to pursue this case in civil court? Thank you in advance for your response, I’m very much oblidge. Cheers

  58. Marlyn Kragh says:

    I married an american here in the philippines. Is it possible for him to file a divorce in the US?

  59. Marlyn Kragh says:

    I want to find out if my husband can file a divorce in the US even though we were married here in the PI. My husband is a pure american citizen from Idaho and I am a filipina. I also wants to know if he have the rights to my properties. Everything is under my name because he cannot have his own property here. I bought 2 houses before I met him that came from my divorce money. I want to know on how I can protect my property.

  60. v. v. says:

    my sister have a marriage before ,but she find out that the man he married was already married,before, and they marriege life is in a real mess.and she decided to file an annulment is there any chance for her to get her freedom . so she can get a chance to marry again. with her boyfreind.pls let us know thanks

  61. ma. joanna says:

    me and my husband was merried here in the philippines and now he is in abroad and waiting for his citezenship but i discovered that he has misstress there, do i have a right to do some legal action?

  62. imee says:

    A couple got married in the Phil ´91, migrated to the Netherlands ´92 and got married again on the same year in the Netherlands. Both have been naturalized citizens ’95/’96 and now wish to end their marriage. If they file a divorce in the Netherlands, would that divorce be applicable to the marriage solemnized in the Phil as well?

  63. lyka says:

    my husband and i are currently working overseas.i would like to ask if are we going to appear on court if i will file annulment?how long would it take for a final decission for annuled marriage with grounds of an affair with another woman and they had a child when my husband was still in the philippines which i was not aware.Or can i file a case against them?

  64. lyn says:

    i just want to know what will happen if i file an annulment and my husband didnt show up.If that happen, what will be the effect of my annulment?


  65. hervin says:

    I am a 26 year old who married a 48 year old Amerisan citizen(by immigration) woman whom we both agreed for the sake of petition. We both agreed that there will be no marital responsibility. Now that the petition is already not granted, what reason can I file for annulment?

  66. glenda says:

    i just wanna know magkano po ba talaga ang nagagastos sa annulment.. gustong gusto ko po kase mag pa annul dahil may asawa naring iba ang husband ko.. i just wanna be free so that if i can find someone i can marry him..pls reply

  67. raquel says:

    i chanced upon your website while purposely looking for info on legal separation.

    i am 36 y/o with 4 girls by my marriage. i have not fully contemplated on this legal separation or annulment until now that i have contracted a std. my husband, same age as mine, and i operate a small business here in naga city. i have been put into serious condition following this gross and painful predicament; thus, exploring my due options. i have never thought of any action such as this previously in spite of his “chronic” gambling, which many times has put us into financial jeopardy.

    is there a chance for a legal separation in my condition, ie., contracting std? what support or financial protection for my children can be provided by law under this? my children are 11 years and below. what about conjugal liabilities or debts?

    it is with utmost hope that you enlighten me on this. if the law thinks that getting a sexually transmitted disease should not be a basis for legal separation, or if it thinks that there are millions more wives with the same predicament as mine who have not done anything or should not even be regarded, then this is not justice at all. i am honestly seeking out legal advice regarding my situation… by the way, amidst this email, are fever and chills, and worst of all the deprivation of my productivity as a person and as a mother to my children…

    more power. thanks in advance…


  68. lady says:

    i have a boyfriend who already married,his planning to get annulled with his first wife to the ground of sexual infedility,.how many years it takes before his first married be annulled?Is that an enough ground?

  69. lois says:

    my husband and i have been married for less than 2 years when he abandoned me and the babied ages 1 1/2 and 4weeks at thattimelast year.whats the best legal action to take for me basing on deceit,abandonement,domestic violence,the works..he doesnt provide any financial support and left me with the financial liabilities and debts.left with enoughmoney to support the kids i have to leavethem in philippines as there is no child care available and couldnt afford one,whats the best to be done???i am a permanent resident of the uk and will be applying for citizenship soon.please enlighten me as i need to end this nightmare and get on a happier life.thanks.

  70. Beth says:

    I am an immigrant here in the US and will become a US citizen by Sept. 08. I have been married in the Phils. for 4 years now and have decided to file a divorce or annulment? Can I file a divorce here in the US and will it be considered an annulment in the Phils., so I can bring my fiance from the Phils. to the US to get married and stay here for good and live happily ever after…. What steps do I have to take?

    *cancel I-130 petition to alien relative (spouse)?
    *file a divorce?
    *apply for citizenship first?
    *go back to the phils. to bring your fiance to come over to the US to get married?

    please reply asap to my email address….im running out of time

  71. julie says:

    Hi everyone! i read some colums almost the same my problem,i join this site because i got a problem about my annulment, i already filed my annulment last july 2007 but until now no result when the hearing of my annulment, please give me advice is’t my marriage can be annul, because my husband were been separated since 1996 and we dont have communication since we separated. thanks i hope you can give me advice soon as possible

  72. Dear Atty. Fred says:

    Good day! i just wanna know how much will be the cost of annulment? and is there really a 3 to 6 months annulment only?

  73. julie says:

    hi atty fred!

    thank you for your answered, the cost of my annulment my lawyer asked me, 80.000pesos and for my phychological test 30.000 plus the summons 15.000pesos, but still dont know what happened my case because my lawyer said we just wait for the judge sign, so we can get hearing about my case, please help me about my problem, im very frustrating about my annulment, because it is very long time i never heard about my husband since 1996, and 9months already when i filed my annulment, please help me what to do? give me more advice. thank you so much for your help im very appriciate your advice…. julie

  74. Robert Mandus says:

    Dear Attorney,

    I was born a Christian here in Mindanao. I was married last 1990 to a Christian woman in a civil court. After two years, I became a Muslim. I have changed my religion to Islam, that was in 1992. Today, I have decided to marry a Muslim woman. Is my planned marriage be declared void considering that I am now a Muslim and under Shariah law, as my religoius advisers asserted, I am allowed to marry more than one?

    Thank you very much.


  75. ms. wanna marry her married bf says:

    hello attorney..

    i have a bf whose already married but are now planning to file for annulment.. i’ve already read the grounds for annulment but i don’t think none of those could be use by my bf.. you see.. his wife is a drug addict and he knew it even before they got married, so i don’t think fraud could be a ground.. my bf also knows that his wife have already have a other man in her life but he just ignored it hoping that she will come around.. can he use that ground for annulment? his wife has also already abandoned their two children, 5 yo son and 1 mo. old daughter, can this also be a ground for annulment?

    please help us.. we want to have our own family now.. please.. i beg you..

    God bless and more power.. Thank you…

  76. Lino Green says:


    Is it possible for a married Filipina to marry here in Canada if the propect Canadian has no legal impediments?


  77. Ramoncito says:

    Can a legally annulled couple live together as husband and wife? What happens to the court decision? Do they have to file a nullity or setting aside of the decided annulment case in order to continue their marriage. Or do they have to marry again? What are the effects with regards to the acquired properties (past present and future)?

  78. karen says:

    good day…
    * i have a friend which been married almost 6 years, but the wife insist to live in province togethet with their 2 child and my friend working in manila for them. unfortunately his wife has been preganant with other man, he can file annulment on this matter?
    *ask ko lang po, ilang years pede maiprocess ang annulment meron po b less tha a year? and magkano po ung fee..
    badly needed lang po ng reply, pls help…

  79. Annie says:

    hi Atty,
    may habol po ba ang ex husband na magfile ng case laban sa akin kung hindi nya nareceive personally yong decision and finality ng annulment that was a year ago which is final and excutory na? that time it so happened na napalipat po sya ng work at nareceive lang ng coworker nya ang decision…I need your enlightenment regarding this, salamat po Atty.

  80. Riza says:

    Hi Atty.

    Im Riza and from Laoag City, i just feel so sorry for my sister and her two children, my sister is working in Singapore (DH) shes working too hard for her two children, and her marriage is on the rock for how many years and that her hardheaded husband just fooling around, hes been unfaithful to my sister while shes in Singapore, hes got another woman, they had no more communication for how many years, but that man (husband) like to use his children to annoyed my sister, he even treated his children not to go to school, he even punch his daughter’s head, he took his son in his place and not allowing him to go out in the house which is hes crying, i reaaly felt so disappointed, so now my sister wants to file an annulment so that her husband hes not going to treated my family and the children so badly, my sister was afraid to go back home just to see her poor children, shes afraid of being treated with her monster husband. Thanks so much.

  81. Riza says:

    I would like to know if how much will it cost. And long does it takes. Salamat po.

  82. jongkes says:

    Atty Fred

    Ask ko lng ko kasi lalaki po ako den, hiwalay kami ng asawa ko ng 7months, there was a time i heared that may lalaki ang asawa ko, tapos buntis daw cya, ang nakakainis poh eh, mismo sa harap ko nagsalita ang mother ng lalaki ng asawa ko, kasi poh 21 years old pa yong lalaki.. is this enough to file annulment?

  83. Atty. Fred says:


    I believe your concerns are addressed in Parts 2 and 3. The link to Part 2 is this:

    The link to Part 3 is this:

    There are other related posts so may I suggest that you take some time to browse through the site.

    Thank you.

  84. kiks says:

    Hi Attorney,
    Good day. I would like 2 ask if its possible if i can file a presumptive death for my husband since we are separated 4 almost 4 yrs already & have no communication & never heard any news frm him wer is he nw? Is this more easier to file & take immediate action than annulment, for me to get off frm the hook? How long it will tyk & is it less expensive than filing of annulment?.
    Your response would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance & more power. God bless!

  85. hollowpoint says:


    you can file declaration of presumptive death if you have a well founded belief that your husband is already dead. but if it is just no news and communication, it will not be sufficient for the court to declare him dead.

    it would be less expensive than filing for annulment.

    this is just an FYI, it would be better still to consult your lawyer.

  86. kiks says:


    well, tnx for the info, though u r ryt but I still need to hear an advice frm Atty. Fred & I want more detailed from offense please…tnx.

  87. jenny says:

    Dear Atty,
    I’d like to seek an advice for my friend she filed 2 annulment cases 1first marrige with filipino and the 2nd marriage imitation marrige with foreigner for visa purpose she doesn’t even consume her marriage because the said foreigner gone after that marrige, she pay her atty. for the two cases at that time but her atty. file the 2nd cases a year after the release of the decision of nullity of the 1st case now her 2nd case decision was denied her petition because there is no more existing valid marriage, is she was fooled by her atty.? what she can do now with her 2nd marriage can she still file another case with another atty or another palce?

  88. hollowpoint says:

    jenny, puedeng pakibigyang linaw ang mga pangyayari hinggil sa pangalawang desisyon ng Korte, pati na rin kung ano ang pangalawang petisyong inihain ng iyong kaibigan?

    mahihirapan tayong mabigyan ng akmang tugon ang mga katanungan kung walang linaw ang buong pangyayari.

    kung mamarapatin mo rin po, hindi tama ang isiping niloko ng kanyang abogado ang iyong kaibigan.

    mas mainam pa rin po kung magkonsulta kayo sa serbisyo ng isang abogado para buo ang maibibigay na sagot sa inyo.

  89. jenny says:

    yung 1 marriage nya po sa filipino na grant po yun na void sa kasong pschological capacity ung 2nd marriage bigamous marriage art 35,4 yung decision po she miserably failed to proved that she has valid marriage at the time she marriage, the case filed after 1 month before na grant yung 1 case nya eh meron naman ho syang kasal nung nagpakasal sya for the 2nd time, di ho ba malinaw na void yun dahil sa 1st marrige nya although na null na yung 1st marriage nya?

  90. working abroad says:

    Dear Atty,

    hi! i was thinking if u can help me to seek answers to my question. the story is….
    i got married in philippine in year 2004. i had 1 child with him. 1 and half year of our marriage, i decided to go abroad, i lefted the child with him. 1 and half year of being together, i face many problems with him because hes younger than me. 1 of this problems is hes alcoholic. he dont have permanent job. i feel like i’ve got the wrong decision in choosing him. until i decided to go abroad. we are still ok that time. im sending money to him and to my daughter. the time passing i found myself i lost my love with him until i found 1 right man for me. i decided to separate with my him instead of cheating him. we formally separated by phone but we didnt disccus about the child.

    when i took my vacation last month for 2 weeks my daughter spent time with me. but after i left they didnt give the child anymore to my family which im thinking hes using the child to revenge with me. my question is..

    is my family have the right to my daughter on my behalf because im in abroad working? or the decision is with the father of my child now im not there? pls tell me the correct one.


    working abroad

  91. URIEL says:

    the welfare and best interest of the child is the first and foremost to be considered.
    under the family code,children below 7 years of age shall be with their mother(in case of separation) unless theres compelling reason not to do so such as drug addiction,immorality,alcoholism,insanity among others.
    however,since you are in abroad it is your now your husband who shall exercise primary parental authority over your child unless thres also compelling reasons not to give to him such authority ,which only the court can decide.
    grandparents exercises only secondary parental authority
    in the absence of the parents of the child or when such parents are deprived of parental authority by the court.hence,in your case,your husband is within his rights under the family code to hold his child under his custody and parental control and only the court can deprived him of such rights thru an appropriate petition.

  92. Saudi Boy says:

    Dear Atty,

    My “wife” happens to be married to another guy. But this guy worked abroad as TNT and abandoned her for no apparent reasons until we met and had a 6 y/o son. We already filed a nullity of marriage as we found out that the marriage license (from cavite) that was issued to them belongs to other couples and the local registrar made a certification re this issue. My question is : assuming everything has been finalized and the marriage was null and void, can my “wife” re-marry instantly or does it take 10 months before she can re-marry (i heard from a TV show that female will have to wait for 10 months so as to be sure that she is not pregnant by that time). Please enlighten me on this matter. Thanks and best regards….

  93. Greta says:

    hi, i badly need help…i have been married for 8 yrs now…i was 25 when we got married and he was 24…he happened to be my first bf thats why my parents wanted me to marry him for the reason that i have been dating dating him for 3 yrs already…now that im 33, i came to a point that i can never put up with his personalities…im fed up and i want out…he is a party goer, womanizer and doesnt have a stable business…most of the time he depends on his parents…i dont have a kid with him…i really want to start a new life and someday be able to marry someone i really love…
    i want to know if legal separation will work for me and eventually annulment so i can re marry

  94. KC says:

    Hi Atty.,

    Please enlighten me. I got married last May 2001 and when i gave birth to our son Oct 2001, we have lived with his parents in bulacan. We have been arguing since then that we should separate from his parents house since i was really uncomfortable living with his parents (sis w/ husband and kids also live there). There was a point that his sister (with his mother) and i had a disagreement and I was forced to leave his parents house but unfortunately, he choose to stay with his family for reason that was really immature considering, he already has his IMMEDIATE FAMILY through me and his son. We separated because I dont trust that he will be responsible enough to handle a family. I was really hurt and disappointed then. Now, I have a friend who was always there to support me in anyway he can. We became “US” and we want to start our family soon.

    Now, my question is, can my stray husband immaturity and irresponsibility ground for annulment? My husband and I are separted for almost 4years already. Can we just sign a pact or agreement that we are free to do whatever we want to? My bf and I wants to have our little bundle of joy even before my annulment proceeds.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

  95. URIEL says:

    your husbands immaturity and irresponsibility is maybe a sign of pychological incapacity and may be a ground for annulment under the family code.however,the court is very strict on annulment cases and mere separation for how many years or mere imaturity or irresponsibility is not automatically must be shown thru several evidence that such incapacity already manifested at the time of celebration of marriage and is incurable.parang sakit na talaga nya.the burden to proved that is in you.

    such pact or agreement is contrary to law ,morals,and good customs and will not stand in court exept the it could be admitted as an evidenced against you or your husband in an appropriate civil or criminal case filed against you in relation to that pact or agreement.remember that only death and annulment(or divorced) can terminate marriage so you better go to a lawyer and psychiatrist now.
    careful kayo cause you can be prosecuted for adultery with your bf.

  96. Bhebeluv says:

    I just want to ask how many years of separation a marriage considered null and void? How much will it costs for the anullment process? How long will it take?

    Reply asap pls

  97. John says:

    Hi Atty Fred:

    Need some information and engage legal services. Will you please email me your contact number?



  98. Gary says:

    Hi Attorney,

    I’m filipino with dual citizenship, Filipino and Canadian. I live in Canada and my wife in Manila. We got a civil marriage in Dec/06. However, we did not get marriage license as I was only there for 2 weeks. We got married with the information what we have lived for 5 years or more, which is not true. I believe this marriage is null and void.

    My question again is how do I make this marriage valid or legal?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  101. working abroad says:

    Hi Atty,

    its me again working abroad!regarding for what u’ve said for my last comment.since im in abroad my daughter should be with her father.yes!i agreed for my question is..
    what are only the possible reasons to get the custody for my daughter now i can say that im just going and come back to phil. to take only my vacation?what if the father he will get married or he will go abroad, what are my chances if this happen?
    im looking forward for your reply.
    thanks again!

  102. Angel says:

    Dear Atty,

    Good day!

    I’ve been married for nearly ten years. Wow! it shows how deep is my patience with what we called “marriage” because of my beloved daughter. I came from a broken home family so I tried to work out this marriage for this long. My problem were; after 1.5 years of marriage my husband became a drug addict, he tortured me both mentally & physically. He even sell all my jewelries, appliances, branded bags and more, I decide to find a lawyer for annulment. However, it was not push through due to finances since the atty. that i talked with was asking P150K that time. Then, I went to a spritual adviser-our pastor and he advice me to pray and give my husband another chance so we brought him to rehab. After rehab, he was not able to find a job for about 4 years and I was the one who provided everything food, elec & water bills etc ” Thank God I still have a job”. And after 4 years he abled to land for a job. My problem now is; he is lazy, he wanted me to do all his paper works, he loved just playing computer games, hot tempered if we don’t agree on 1 thing he throws things toward me. My daughter is affected when we fight. To think he only contribute 30% to our household expenses & payables. What will I do? Do you think annulment or legal separation will be the answer ” I only have few thousands in the bank” ? I’m really confused my situation especially that I’m a born again christian. Please help me? God bless!!!

  103. Angel says:

    Atty im resending my msg since I forgot to put ph on my email add.

    Dear Atty,

    Good day!

    I’ve been married for nearly ten years. Wow! it shows how deep is my patience with what we called “marriage” because of my beloved daughter. I came from a broken home family so I tried to work out this marriage for this long. My problem were; after 1.5 years of marriage my husband became a drug addict, he tortured me both mentally & physically. He even sell all my jewelries, appliances, branded bags and more, I decide to find a lawyer for annulment. However, it was not push through due to finances since the atty. that i talked with was asking P150K that time. Then, I went to a spritual adviser-our pastor and he advice me to pray and give my husband another chance so we brought him to rehab. After rehab, he was not able to find a job for about 4 years and I was the one who provided everything food, elec & water bills etc ” Thank God I still have a job”. And after 4 years he abled to land for a job. My problem now is; he is lazy, he wanted me to do all his paper works, he loved just playing computer games, hot tempered if we don’t agree on 1 thing he throws things toward me. My daughter is affected when we fight. To think he only contribute 30% to our household expenses & payables. What will I do? Do you think annulment or legal separation will be the answer ” I only have few thousands in the bank” ? I’m really confused my situation especially that I’m a born again christian. Please help me? God bless!!!

  104. goimon says:

    unsolicitied advice… so far wala pa akong nakikitang ground to nullify your marriage….

  105. rose says:

    hello atty,i just want to ask question regarding my annulment,the judge already gave a decission for the nullity of marriage?do i have to wait till it is deleted in the nso before i can remarry?will i have a problem later in case my fiancee will file a petition in the us embassy?since we married right after the court order and did not wait till it reaches the nso?thanks

  106. Nessa says:

    I am a filipino citizen, my boyfriend is married and her wife cheated on her, can i file an annulment?

  107. Nessa says:

    I am a filipino citizen, my boyfriend is married and her wife cheated on her, can he file an annulment? do you know how many months it will take? can we file an appeal also in the church to get married?

  108. goimon says:

    @nessa.. no

  109. elaine says:

    hi atty,
    good day atty,I’ve been separated with my husband for almost 4years now,we dont have any communications until now,Do i really needs to do annulment thing to make me free,by the way atty,his a korean guy,and there country has devorce,it is possible that i can get a death certificate in the phil,instead of doing a annulment?pls atty,help me what should I do,in the best way,
    thanks God bless,

  110. ember says:

    good day…before i ask my questions, let me first present the facts:
    - i was born in the philippines (in 1977, making me 31 now) but my mother [an american citizen] registered me in the US embassy as an american born abroad [officially, they call it a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the USA]; this established my american citizenship.
    - my father was always filipino
    - i grew up in the philippines, as a filipino [i still have a valid philippine passport]; however, i never renounced my US citizenship
    - i am now residing in California, but i never renounced my filipino citizenship
    - i was legally married in 2000 (in the philippines; i was 23 and the wife was 21) to a filipina; the certificate indicated my nationality as Filipino.

    now with my questions:
    - can i file for a divorce here in California to have my marriage in the philippines ended? according to the family code (art.26, para.2), as the alien spouse, i must initiate the divorce, to be able to have it eventually processed and validated thru the philippine courts. my wife, with whom ive been separated 5+ years already, and i have agreed that this process will not be contested.

    - i’m not really clear with the intricacies and implications of the dual citizenship law; will it have an effect on the validity of the original certificate, as it was stated there that i was filipino (which is and was true) but at the same time, i was american all along?

    thanks for bearing with me thru this rather long post. i truly appreciate it.

  111. Fez says:

    I was married about 12 year ago in the philippines. During those time we never have any communications and never live together. I dont know where she lives and never heard from her whereabouts. I am now a US citizen and i want to file a divorce here in USA. Will the Phillippine law honor the divorce so I can legally marry again.

  112. goimon says:

    @fez: since your already an american, the philippines wouldnt mind nor care if you remarry… philippines loves filipinos

  113. goimon says:

    @ember: if your still a filipino citizen, NO

  114. dar_chin says:

    Gud morning,

    I have a boyfriend who is married were leaving together na for 1 year his wife file a declaration of nullity” of marriage. as of now we received 3 letters from the court. how many letters do we have to received before we can received the final judgement? nag file po xa last Dec. 2007. sa tingin nyo po mga ilang buwan or taon pa bago ma approbahan.



  115. fez says:

    @goimon- thanks for telling me that i can remarry. Most of the people I ask said No.

    My Other questions are

    What is my legal status in PI if the divorce was granted?
    also Her legal status?
    Am I still legally married to Her?
    Is that means that I cant get marry anywhere in Philippines but have the capacity to marry here in USA?


    My GF that i intend to marry wants a catholic church there in the Philippines . If my divorce was approved and i granted her wish,
    Is our married null and void?
    Can I be charge of bigamy?
    Can we get married on church with out asking for married license since we already got married in US.


    Is it better to file a divorce. then petitioned her with fiancee visa , get married here in USA. then go back to Philippines and have a church wedding.

    I wish theres an easy answer for all of this. I hope this thread can help others who seek for for legal answers.

    I really appreciate your time and effort for reading my case.



  116. freedom says:

    I’m looking for an annulment lawyer in the QC area. The lawyer that I found probably would charge me more than 150,000.

    I have a good feeling that the man I married would not participate in the annulment proceedings as he is a foreigner and lives abroad.

    Can you recommend a reasonably priced lawyer who accepts payment terms in my area?

    Thanks in advance!

  117. goimon says:

    @ez: kung ano sabihin ng gobyerno mo tungkol sa iyo yun ang susundin.. wala ng hawak ang pilipinas sa iyo, nor paki alam

  118. working abroad says:

    Hi Atty,

    just resnding my comment to notice…tnx..

    its me again working abroad!regarding for what u’ve said for my last comment.since im in abroad my daughter should be with her father.yes!i agreed for my question is..
    what are only the possible reasons to get the custody for my daughter now i can say that im just going and come back to phil. to take only my vacation?what if the father he will get married or he will go abroad, what are my chances if this happen?
    im looking forward for your reply.
    thanks again!

  119. chiby says:

    good morning..
    i am married for almost 5yrs then after 3 mos of marriage ive decided that to live separately to him coz im a batterd wife and now he came back then asking if we could sign a legal separation,,,im just scared what if i agree with him will bre my kids on side on on my side.. my kids are 5 & 4 yrs old ever since we separated my parents is the 1 who suported us…. coz i dnt have a work…so is there a posiblity that my kids will be on there fathers side? what should i do?

  120. hariet says:

    This is in response to the answer of Atty. Fred regarding the query of Mr. Rwan to wit:

    “Atty.Fred Says:
    January 27th, 2007 at 5:46 pm

    Rwan, I’m not aware of any. On the other hand, a married woman is required to use the family name of the husband. The extent by which a married woman may acquire property under her own name largely depends on the kind of property relationship legally established during the time of marriage.”

    Sir with all due respect, a married woman is NOT required by any law to use the family name of her husband. Art. 370 of the Family Code uses the qualifying word “may” and not “must” which makes the use of the husband’s family name optional or permissive. There are many related cases in which the court clearly stated that the use of the husbands’ surname by the wife is an option not a duty.

  121. Please click above to read a really good article description of the problem with no divorce in the Philippines.

  122. mags says:

    hi attorney,
    kinasal ako sa secret marriage..ewan ko ba…he was 20 that time i was 23…he was so obsessed about me…he was deranged…would like to kill himself..there was one time..patalon na ng MRT…kung saan saan pa…o kaya saksakin ang sarili…he was really strange….in short..pinilit nya ako dalhin dun sa secret marriage na iyun…as in sapilitan…pagdating namin dun sa place….pinapirma na kagad ako..ewan ko napapilit din ako….matapos lang…kala ko peke peke lang yung mga ganun…tapos nagkahiwalay kami…we never lived together..never…nagkahiwalay kami…kala ko wala lang yun laro laro lang…after 4yrs chinecked nya sa NSO….may contract nga…totoo nga…sa sta mesa kami nagpasecret marriage…tapos las pinas yung contrata…gusto ko magpa-annul ano ba gagawin ko…hindi tuloy ako makamove on sa buhay ko….pls help me…ano ba grounds para mapa annul ang contrata?

  123. sidney highsmith says:

    hi i got marry to a filipina in the philippines we both want to get a divorce and move on in or life and get marry to new people it was a mistake and we both want out iam form the USA and live here in Portland OR what can i do and how do i start this were its done fast


  124. sidney highsmith says:

    please email me to my email under sid_highsmith@yahoo thanks

  125. jeangrey says:

    my husband and i were not in good terms this past few months for the reason that he doesnt have a job since october last year. and it seems that he doesnt have any plans of working again. he did promised for so many times that he’ll look for a job to support our 2 kids (3 Yrs old and 1 yr old) but until now, he hasnt done anything. im already tired of this kind of situation. im the one who’s supporting our kids. for 3 yrs of marriage we’ve been like this. he will work then after a five month contract, he wont bother to find a job unless someone will help him to get into the job. He’s also immature and we have a lot of differences. within those 3 yrs, im always the one who handles our marriage. As a husband, he should be the one i can count on in time of needs but it doesnt happen. i wanna live away from my husband or be separated from him. but i cant afford to file an annulment. i just thought of signing an agreement instead or something in front of a baranggay officer or something like that.pls help.whats the best thing to rili fed up by my husbands attitude.

    many thanks,


  126. Maurice says:

    Hi atty fred!
    would want to know if the notarized agreement between two separated couples(not legally)on property belongingness (stating that the husband has nno any right on his wife property which was bought during the separation)is being recognized by the law in case the husband would claim on that property.

  127. karen says:

    im looking for a good advice what to do, ive been separated for 3 years already an we are both permanent of singapore,but married in philippines i want to know if we can proceess our annulment here in singapore.. we both agree to annul our marriage but we dont know what would be the grounds, the fact is we just realise that we dont need and love each other anymore..

    hope for your reply
    thanks a lot

  128. karen says:

    im looking for a good advice what to do, ive been separated for 3 years already an we are both permanent resident of singapore,but married in philippines, with 1 kid (7 years old) i want to know if we can proceess our annulment here in singapore.. we both agree to annul our marriage but we dont know what would be the grounds, the fact is we just realise that we dont need and love each other anymore..

    hope for your reply
    thanks a lot

  129. Hi Attorney,
    Sa simula attorney kinasal ako nang secret marriege at the age of 18 mag na nineteen ako sa March I was before Febuary 26 pero ang nilagay is 19 years old, hindi alam nang mga magulang ko after few years nag iba ang trato nang asawa ko mang bugbog,walang pakialam sa mga bata kahit gutom at walang makakain, walang plano sa buhay kontento nalang nag drive nang sidegar o Sikad 14 years ang gap namin impyerno ang buhay naming mag ina sa kanya. Ate dahil sa pangyayari napilitan akong mag abroad at mag trabaho bilang housemaid kasi ayaw na akong tanggapin sa mga magulang ko dahil sa kasalanang nag papakasal sa taong ayaw nila at hindi nila alam ang pag papakasal. Ngayon nong nag abroad ako dinala niya ang mga bata sa kanila ang tugon ko sa kanya ay huwag niyang dalhin sa kanila kasi malayo at hindi safe moreover ang panganay ko palaging nagkakasakit malayo sa hospital at ang bilin ko sa kanya ay pagtiyagaan niya munang buhayin ang mga bata at ang yaya kasi ako mag babayad pa ako sa utang na umabot nang 60,000 php money.Walang siyang planong bayaran yong utang na yon kasi sa sa mga kapatid ko at sa hospital kasi preterm yong panganay ko malaki ang nagastos namin doon. Ngayon after 1 months ko sa abroad nabalitaan kong binigay niya ang mga bata sa nanay niya na 62 years old at mag isa lang sa bahay yong mga bata ay 2 years at 11 months nilagay niya doon ant bumalik sa lugar namin nagpa ka sarap sa buhay. Tumawag sa siya akin at kahit ano ano nalang ang sasabihin para maka pagpadala ako nang pera nag papadala akos a kanya lahat nang remittance ko may resibo lahat tinago ko. Ngayon nabalitaan kong may kinakasama dawng ibang babae,nagpapadala ako nang pera para ibigay niya ang mga bata sa magulang ko kahit ayaw nang magulang ko pinipilit ko wala akong choice for the sake of my kids, tinanggap nila. Ngayon ang plano ko legal na paghiwalay ko sa kanya kasi plano kung mag bili nang lupa at mag negosyo ayaw kong makhabol pa siya sa lahat nang pinagpagoran ko. Tinitiis ko lahat ang hirap at gulo sa buhay para sa kinabukasan nang mga bata, at may iba na daw siyang kinakasama ang gusto ko lang ayaw niya na akong habolin at legal yong paghihiwalay namin. Ano ba ang dapat kong gawin? sana matulongan nyo ako sa problemang ito.. Salamat.


  130. mistix says:

    @Leverlie, napakasaklap nman ng sinapit mu uja! sad…

  131. @@@@ says:

    @Leverlie, napakasaklap nman ng sinapit mu ija! sad… enewei, sa simula pa lng mali na ang lahat, patunayan mo lang na nandaya na kayo sa age sa simula pa lang ang alam ko dto sa pinas di legal ang SM tama ba? ahehehehehhhhh

    naaliw nman ako sa pagbabasa ng buhay mu.. nawa’y mahanap mu ang kasagutan s iyong mga hinaing. isumbong mu kay tulfo!

  132. iza says:

    ang boyfriend ko po ay hiwalay sa kanyang pinakasalan dahil ito ay may asawa na pala bago ng kanilang kasal.pwede po b kaming magpakasal

  133. iza says:

    hi atty!

    follow up ko lang po tanong ko.pwede na po ba kami magpakasal? nu po dapat naming gawin? kasi sa umpisa palang niloko na siya ng pinakasalan nia na ito pala ay legally married bago pa sila ikasal at sa ngayon ay iniwanan na sia at bumalik na sa dati husband nia at nanirahan na abroad…thanks po.advice plzzzzz…

  134. dianne says:

    ask lang po kung puede isabay ang pagpafile ko ng legal separation kung madakip na siya, sa kasalukuyan mayroon na siyang warrant of arrest due to abandonment of my children (4)…for seven (7) years…before his warrant issue, makikita pa namin siya sa paligid…ngayon nagtatago na…parang tinik na namin…pls advise us for the seek of my children….

  135. Mercy says:

    I’m in a middle of buying a property in the Philiipines. The sellers are been leaving for the past 21 yrs. as husband and wife. The first wife is in the Unites States with their three adults Children. The tile is unsder the sellers name do I still need to get the 1st wife’s signature whos’ now re-married here in USA?

  136. @@@ says:


    ija, kung ang asawa KUNU ng iyong bf ay legal na kasal sa iba bago pa sila ikinasal, nangangahulugan lamang ng di legal ang naging kasal ng bf mo sakanya dahil wala sa batas ang pwede magpakasal ng 2beses kung ang nauuna ay di pa napapawalang bis. ngayon ang gawin mo i-verify mo ang kasal ng nila ng bf mo kung may legal na record at pati narin ang kasal ng babae sa iba dun mu malalaman kung anu tlga ang legal. kung nagkataon at legal nga ang nauna kasal ng babae iyon sa iba wala ka ng problema pwede na kayong magpakasal ng bf mo pwede rin magfile ng kaso ang bf mo sa babae yon sa kadahilanang kasal pla sya at nagpakasal muli. check mo rin religion ha. – di ako lawyer nagpapanggap lang heheheh joke nangangarap lang at nagaaral pa. naaliw lang ako sa story nyo. good luck sainyo!

  137. dang says:

    gud day atty, i just want to ask we need your help, my bf married last year, adn secret marriage lang sila ng wfe nya but thre are no witnesses about the counselling, nag file na yung wife nya ng annulment, since may kaya yung girl she can afford to hire a lawyer for herself, and my bf can’t afford to hire for his own so thre;s a reason why he ca’t showed up sa hearing, but the sad thing is, the girl accused my bf na incapacitated sya, na may problem sya sa isip at hindi raw nya kayang mag raise ng family, and the more thing is meron syang sinama dun na pyschological exam ng bf ko na yun nga may problem daw sya since di namn nag undergo ng psychological exam, pwede ba kasuhan yung girl sa ginawa nya kasi parang paninirang puri din yung file nya malban sa annulment, would it be possible na mgrant yung annulment? please i need your advice

  138. arwell says:

    im still not married yet peru my dlawa akong gf nw.ang problem is yun isa ay nubuntisan tpos gusto ng parents ko na magpakasal kmi ng civil lng dw muna.ang problem hindi ko po gustu hindi po dhil sa obligation ko sa mgging baby nmin kundi sa ugali usap na kmi dhil kung ako ang tatanungin ayaw ko talaga mg pakasal sa kanya,peru sabi nya hindi dw cya mghahabol sa akin at kung anu gagawin ko pwedi khit iiwan ko cya tpos ng civil marriage,dhil mportante lng dw ang masave ang reputation ng work nya at msave yun baby…now,tlga ayuko po mgpakasal sa knya peru di po aq tumatalikod sa obligation ko sa kanya at sa bata,pwedi po ba ako di magpakasal dhil pinipilit lng nla ako?ayaw ko po mging eresponsable peru ayaw ko rin po mgdusa habang buhay na makasama cya…pls help me cz i ned an advice bago mahuli ang lahat!ty.

  139. hollowpoint says:


    you dont have to marry someone as a consequence of a few seconds of orgasm. marriage is never an obligation. what you can do to avoid legal repercussions, especially because of RA 9262, is to acknowledge the child and to honor the obligation to support him/her.

  140. levi says:

    after an annulment, can i remarry again? somebody told me that an annulment doesn’t give you the right to remarry again,is it true?thanks

  141. gabe says:

    Hi Atty,
    I have a filipino friend who is a now naturalised citizen abroad. He was married to a filipino woman 8 years ago when he was still a filipino citizen but got separated 9 mos. after their marriage. He filed for annulment of marriage in philippines 6 years ago but up to now the case still not finished. He met a filipina woman (but also now a naturalised citizen abroad) and he wants to marry her but they could not do it in the Philippines until his annulment case is finish. Can they get married abroad? and is it consider legal since they are now both non-citizen of the Philippines and he is not govern by family law anymore? I feel really sorry for the girl, Please advice…. Thanks

  142. white_tomato says:

    Hi Atty,

    I would like to ask if being a battered wife is a ground for annulment? I was mauled thrice by my estranged, unemployed husband. Last mauling was Dec 2007 and I left him (tagging my son along) immediately after he pushed our 4 year old son.

    I have pictures of the bruises I received from him and sought for medical check-up but didn’t had medico legal. It was seen though on my hand’s xray an old irreparable fracture which was caused by him on the first mauling.

    I was physically, mentally and psychologically abused. I didnt know where to seek help from and until now, I haven’t talked to anyone about it except my younger sister who had seen my ordeal and fetched me that unfortunate night.

    I hope you can help me. I’m employed but I’m the only one who supports my son since then.

    Thank you.

  143. lang says:

    A couple married without a license, claiming that they have been living-in together as husband and wife for 5 years (but in fact, they only lived-in for 6 months). They have not submitted an affidavit stating their living-in together (which is a requirement for no-license marriage). Will this be considered as grounds for declaration of nullity of their marriage? Thank you.

  144. robsky says:

    my gf is in the thailand. I wanted to get her here in canada. I wish to apply her as my conjugal partner. The problem is that she is married in the philippines, but shes been seperated from her husband for almost 8 yrs now. she left philippines since year 2000 she havent seen or even communicated with her husband. she never love her husband because its only a forced marriage. filling for annulment in the philippines is so expensive and so long to process. I’ll be going in thailand in December I will stay there for 5 weeks and then we will both go for a week in the philippines. Our plan is to make an affidavit letter that they’d been seperated for that long period of time and marriage not really work out for them this will be sign by her and her exhusband with witness and sign by a lawyer. Her husband already agreed with this. My question is that, will the immigration law office will accept this. Since I guess that 7 yrs seperated in the philippines already null and void! thx

  145. Jeffrey says:

    My Gf and i are 3 years now she is married 6 years ago she and her xhusband seperated 3 years ago how can she file annulment and how much will it cost because we want to be legal and get married because of her marriage we cannot be recognized by the law my question were can she file annulment how much time it will ake and how much will it cost thus any have much cheaper of compiling annulmet? thanks..

  146. singlemomonboard says:

    Dear Atty. Fred,

    What legal action should I need to do? It’s been a year and half now na di kami nagsasama ng asawa ko and no financial support po to my kid. I confirmed na meron pala syang kabit at tumira pala sya sa babaeng ito last year meron akong mga proof of evidence. Gusto ko pong mag move on na ako ano po ba ang mas magandang gawin mag file ako ng legal separation, maghabla ako ng demanda against sa kanila anong kaso po ang ipapatong sa kanila at kung mag file naman ako ng annulment ano pong grounds ang pwede kong i file? Yung support po ng anak ko paano po iyon ang balita ko po meron na syang trabaho ngyon at buhay binata sya .Paano ko gusto ko po sanang magkaroon ng katarungan sa nangyari sa akin, thanks po sa reply nyo

  147. dodong says:

    good day!
    my girlfriend is a Filipina, who is now, a citizen of the united states and living there for about nine years, she is divorced already in her filipino husband a month ago. their marriage took place in the philippines.

    my question is this; would it be possible for us to get marry here in the philippines?. and after our marriage, can she file a petition for me to go the united states? is it possible? if yes, how long it will take?

    thanks and godbless!!!

  148. kirstine says:

    rumor has been spreading that after 7 or 10 yrs of separation, the marriage would become void? is that true? i personally don’t think so, but i would just want to clarify.

    thanks so much.

  149. Atty.Fred says:

    kirstine and everyone, I have a discussion on that matter at the e-Legal Forum. Please follow this link:

    I supposed many of the questions raised here have been addressed in the articles here or at the e-Legal Forum. Sorry I don’t have enough time to answer each and every question. Also, there are certain limitations as to the answer that I could give, as you may have read from the Terms above.

  150. Louella Marie S. Costales says:

    My husband had been unfaithful to me while I was in Saudi Arabia.He already got the other woman pregnant and is living in with her.I gave him the chance to go and talk to the other woman so he could settle everything with her because he said he still wants to be with me.But it had been 2 months now since I gave him the time to talk to the other woman but he never took the initiative to contact me and tell me his plans.I also have to fight with him just so I could get money from him to support our children.He doesn’t send money on a regular basis and it’s so hard for me to meet the needs of my children since I don’t have a job right now although I’m already looking for one.Are these grounds for me to file legal separation?What are the consequences these actions may have?Am I allowed to marry again?

  151. jamaica says:

    hi poh mgtatanung lang po ako,meron akung bf pero hiwalay na sa unang asawa mg lilimang taon na po silang hiwalay,nsa abroad ang bf ko ngaun at my anak na kami,sabi nya limang taon na silang hiwalay,at sabi ni pwede na raw cya mg file ng annul,panu po un attorney ang pgkakaalam ko wala p silang pinipirmahan na sila ay separated,tpos ang balak niya samin ngaun ay pepetisyon nya kami,gamit ng apelyido ng anak ko ay sakin poh…sana po matulungan nyo po ako para itatanung ko po saknya kc poh mgkalayo po ang edad namin at wala pa akung alam sa ganyan..

  152. mary grace t. doke says:

    my u.s. citizen husband want to divorce me (because he lived with another woman in the state) and im here in the philippines (there’s a lot a heresay of my filipino friend living in the us)he send me a divorce paper for approval sign. i don’t want to sign the divorce paper. It is posible for him to get me divorce even i do not sign the papers? he get the attorney and the attorney send me many letters that if i dont comply or reply all the papers he send we will automatically divorced even if i didnt sign the papers. please help me. i dont know what to do, i dont have many to have a attorney services

  153. mickey says:

    I got married at the age of 17 years old beacuse I got pregnant , my age was forcify to 18 years old in order for me to be married, I am now married for 18 years… is this a reason to nullify our marriage?

  154. Donna says:

    Hello, I am a Filipina ho is legally married to a Filipino in the Philippines. We have been seperated since 2005 and in 2006 i started working abroad. I then found out that my husband was married legally to another filipina in the US while we got married. in addition to this he is now living with another woman in the philippines and they have a daughter already… i am now involved with a great guy in the country where i now work and i really would like to get marry to him. the only thing is that neither my husband nor the woman he is married to in the US will give me copies of their marriage certificate so i can show that our marriage is null… it is so unfair to my now single bf who wants to start a life with me.. pls give me ur advise….

  155. Luz says:

    my husband filed a case against me, legal separation but later they found, they had no ground, later file adultery against me.

  156. Ronald says:

    attorney, can i remarry if i’ve been separated (not legally) to my wife for more than 5 years?

  157. survivor says:

    gudpm. i was forced to marry him because he forced me to have sex with him when i was intoxicated due to his bestfriend’s cheating. should i consider it rape since i was drunk and weak physically and emotionally? then even we got married, we never cohabitated because i am afraid my family would know what happened to me. he was always in abroad. i thought i may be able to learn to love him more than his bestfriend who had been my ex. but soon found out that he was so maniac. even i dont want to do it, he would still do it his way. nobody knows what’s happening during those times. it pains me to know that i took my mistake for another mistake by marrying him. He was so sexually pre-occupied. he even wanted me to post nudely with a professional photographer and send the pics to him. which we usually argue also. do i have aground to file for an annullment even nobody can witness with what i have gone through?

  158. maganda says:


    IMPORTANT and i hope you will be able to answer ASAP!

    to marry, one has to observe the 10 day waiting period before the release of the marriage licence. what if a couple hasnt got the time for the 10 day waiting period since one of the parties is abroad and will be coming back to the philippines 7 days before the date of marriage? would it be possible for the party who is in the philippines to send the APPLICATION FOR A MARRIAGE LICENCE to her fiance in abroad and have the consul or anyone in the philippine embassy notarise HIS PART of the application? the party who is abroad is not a filipino national but of a different nationality. Would he be able to have his part of the application notarised? or shall he go to a local notary public where he lives, have it notarised there and then go to the embassy to have to ‘acknowledged’?

    PLEASE! if you have heard of such a procedure please tell me the steps in order for us to get married!

    ALSO, does it void the marriage? surely we are not the first ones who has done such a thing.

  159. Zel says:

    Hi Atty,
    Please help me. I need some legal advice.
    I decided to left my husband’s house because I found out that he has a steady girlfriend. And he admit this also to me. Its been a year and it seems that he has no plan of leaving the girl. Can I file a case against him? or can I file legal seperation?
    Thanks in advance. God bless.

  160. Beth says:

    good day.I just want to ask, can you file a case against a US citizen husband who refuses to give support? Is a court order order from the US necessary? If the guy is a US Navy, is it possible to request from the US government that the wife’s supposed share be deducted directly from the US Navy pensioner’s account and be transferred to the wife’s account? What are the procedures? Is an order from a Philippine court necessary in securing a US court order? Thanks

  161. honey says:

    greetings……..i got married at the age of 19 and got separated at the age of 20. my friends says that my ex husband have his own family now. but we are not separated legally. and now im 30 years old and planning to get married to my boyfriend. my question is, if they found out that i got married, if they gonna sue me for bigamy will i be held liable? hope you could get back to me. thanks atty.

  162. marites says:

    greetings… I just want to ask if I can now file a case to my husband,he abandoned us and he is accusing me of having an affair with other man, later, I discovered that she has an affair with a woman and he always brought it at his mother’s house and the girl is already sleeping with him,he is also under probation, his case is attempted homicide.I just want to ask how can I bring this to court. Thanks

  163. lisa says:

    ive been married to a japanese we married here in philippines. we have to children 5 years old and 4 years old. the last i saw him is on 2005 because at that i discovered that he have a girl in japan,when i discovered it he hit me physically. she is also a japanese. its been 4 years now we dont have a communication and 4 years no financial support to my children. is there any chance to be separated in legal because he abandoned us 4 for years i dont know where is he now. and is there a chance also if im going to marry again? can you please help me.. thank you atty.

  164. charhize says:

    hi, i have no communication in my husband for 10 years. however, i want to re-marry again. is it possible that our wedding will be void due to lost of communication?thanks.. i really need your advice.

  165. Dorothy Valerio says:

    Hi….I was married last june 2002. my husband left for Japan to work for three years. we’ve got a son and supported us for a couple of months after that he just sent a letter stating for separation. He’s living with another woman. Can this be a ground for annulment?

  166. joy says:

    07 January 2009

    Magandang araw po, Atty.

    Nabasa ko po yung isang article ninyo about annulment and nullity of marriage. Gusto ko po sanang i-contract service ninyo to obtain for me yung sinasabi ninyong COURT ORDER nullifying a marriage I contracted wrongfully on the following basis:

    1.Lack of marriage license
    2.Lack of authority of the solemnizing official
    3.Bigamous marriage

    After 4 or 5 years po kasi nang nag-hiwalay kami nung 1st Ex-wife ko I met another woman whom I felt compelled to marry out of necessity. Pero our supposed marriage was not held in a church or in front of an authorized city official. Meron kaming pinuntahang small office offering services like secret marriages, etc. Some of the details na nakasulat doon sa certificate namin are even fictitious Wala din po kaming kinuhang marriage license prior to this. In addition po, 8 or 9 years na rin po kaming hiwalay nitong 2nd ex-wife ko and hindi ko na rin po alam kung nasaan na siya. Meron po kaming isang anak na nasa kanya and hindi ko na rin po nakita ever since na mag-hiwalay po kami. Willing pa rin po ako suportahan yung anak ko pero gusto po sanang maiayos yung illegality nang aming marriage.

    Atty., magkano po ba ang magagastos and gano po katagal bago matapos itong prosesong ito?

    Kung meron po kayong mga detalye na gustong malaman, willing po akong makipag-correspond sa inyo. Kelangan ko lang po nang tulong niyo.

    Salamat po, Atty.

  167. ema says:

    hello sir,

    i was 17 when i got married but by some means i declared that i was 18. having pursued my stubbornness true enough, my immaturity and compulsiveness led to our separation. now that i think i have the resources to file an annulment would that be possible even if we have lived for more than eight years yet we separated now and have different lives… would annulment be possible or there was sort of ratification on my part? coz the law says 18 -21 but i was 17 then… help me fins a solution. k.

  168. Dionette says:

    I was married with a british guy last 2000 and we got one son.we only been together for two years and then we separated he dont give any support to our son and since then we dont get any news from him. Now that i have found somebody that i want to be with….is there any chance to get a divorce so that i could have the change to be happy too.

  169. Lisa says:

    Hi I have been married for less than 2 months. Is there a grace period before I have to file for an annulment? please reply asap

  170. crying lady says:

    Greetings!I got married with the age of 14 and my husband was 15 years old with our parent’s consent after 10 years we decide to have our wedding again in the church also .We’re relationship was full of pains specially when he entertained or having a relationship to different woman.When the years pass by ,our marriage was getting worst he learn to hurt me so many times.
    Do I need to file an annulment for my husband or it is automatically void?If I need to file ; how much it’s cost?

    Hoping and waiting for your good advice and response.
    Thank You so much…

  171. marylyn says:

    my bf is a married man but he has a terrible life with it coz hhis wife got pregnant on the other man while his working on abroad..and now they are seperated for fuor years yet they never file a annulment or legal seperation..were palnning to get married but we dont know how were going to start…need some answer..tnx

  172. Jericho says:

    Greetings ,
    My gf was married in 2003 and the marriage lasted only 3months and have been separated ever since but never applied for annulment . Her husband have carried on with his life and has a child with another women .

    I am a Malaysian citizen and would like to marry her and live with her in Malaysia . Could I proceed to marry her in Malaysia while she is married in Philippines ? If not , what are the procedures that need to be done in order to marry her legally in Malaysia .

    Appreciate your assistance .


  173. Ricardo says:

    My gf is a philipino and she is married in the philipines.Can she get an annulment if both parties agree and if one party do not agree is there any other way.Will i be able to marry her here in singapore after the annulment and if she don not get one can i still marry her.If i do will it be a criminal act in the law books.

  174. zincoding says:

    Greetings. . .

    Im a Married man there’s a grounds with me and my wife.
    yes! where married but where not in the same house we still leave in the family side and there’s a conflict between the two of us we can’t understand to each other were always conversation and im sick and tired of it. i want to know that there is a annulment in my case?

    tnk you for your assistant

  175. Dee says:

    i think it is best that your bf file for an annulment to make your marriage valid. because if you do not,your marriage will still be void under the law.
    i have mine annuled to in just a month and a half. though you have to pay extra if you want it fast and easy.
    by the way,are you in the phils? i can recommend somebody to process it for you.

  176. Dee says:

    by the way,that’s for you marylyn,jan 28,2009 blog

  177. derek says:

    hi! tanong ko lang po kung panu po ba ang gagawin ko, hiwalay na po kami ng wife ko last nov. 2007 and she has a boyfriend bago pa kami mag hiwalay. nalaman ko na may nangyayari sa kanila dahil nakita ko ang resibo ng ospital na may pinatanggal syang bagay sa ari nya. iba na ngayon ang boyfriend nya at pinakikita pa nya sa anak ko. yung bata po ang hati kami, weekly po ang palitan namin. kaya po kami naghiwalay dahil sa away sa text. hanggang umayaw na sya at naghiwalay kami, kaya pala dahil may boyfriend sya. sinabi nya na ako daw ang may dahilan kya sya nagka boyfriend dahil lagi ko daw sya pinagdududahan at yung taong pinagdududahan ko ay kinakausap ko pa at yun daw ang naging dahilan kya naging sila. panu po ba ang dapat kong gawin para mag- legal separation po kami?
    salamat po

  178. jireh says:

    Hi Derek

    If you can prove sexual infidelity committed by your wife, then you based your petition for legal separation on said ground. But take note that defense of “mutual guilt” may be raised against you in case you have also given ground for legal separation.

    For procedural aspect, please refer to A.M. No. 02-11-11-SC RE: PROPOSED RULES ON LEGAL SEPARATION (which maybe sourced from Supreme Court website or other websites with legal references)

    Best to consult a lawyer if you are keen on filing such petition.

  179. derek says:

    panu po yung “mutual guilt”?

  180. donna says:

    i’m married for three years. my husband is an OFW in saudi arabia. so, basically, for the three years of our marriage, he’s in another country. isang buwan lang kami nagsama, nung first birthday ng anak namin. we were married civilly. i was able to get an NSO copy of our marriage contract naman. however, since february last year, he didn’t send any money to us. april 2008 he said he’s going to dubai. when he supposedly went to dubai, he hasn’t send us an email. may 2008 he send an email stating that he’s in dubai jail and the reason why he was able to send an email to us is because he was able to borrow an iphone from a visitor. i was asking him details about his incarceration, but he doesn’t give any. all he asks is understanding and patience and that he always asks to wait for him. he was able to send emails until august 2008 and no emails after that, though i tried sending emails to him, asking a lot of questions. just yesterday, i tried browsing on the internet where i found out on a forum that he’s planning to buy a motorcycle and he’s going home to the philippines in november, and he’s only in saudi arabia. so, to confirm the story, i finally called his office in saudi arabia. much to my heart’s content, the story was true…he indeed resigned in november. i tried asking for contact details from his officemate (who happens to be my son’s ninong), but all they know is his email address. it pains me a lot to know that my husband fabricated a story just to abandon us….i want to be free, what can i do?

  181. m.p. says:

    I was married to a girl in the philippines.I’m a U.S. Citizen.She was introduced to my mom’s friend which her daughter…So we got married barely knowing about her…So i came back to U.S. tried to petition her but 1 day the mom says she’s no where to be found…i assummed she didn’t want to be with me,the mom said she kinda backed out…So what i did i ignored the interview petition so that it will be voided…after almost 2 yrs I found and fell inlove with this girl here in U.S. but the problem is she is a expired tourist here in the U.S. Now I wanna marry her and so that she can be a legal immigrant here in the U.S. …. What should I do???? will it be a problem if i marry her and apply for legal immigrant for her??? Even though i’m still married to this Long Lost wife??? PLEASE HELP ME I WANNA HE FIND OUT IF THERES ANY OTHER WAY OR WILL IT BE SAFE??? THANK YOU

  182. zsazsa says:

    wat if i will file an “annulment” or “declaration of nullity” of my marriage but i don’t have the address of my partner, i don’t know where he is now, would there be a possibility that the case be granted?

  183. grace says:

    how much will it cost to file a declaration of nullity of marriage? how long is the process?

  184. Nora says:

    I am not sure if I will get a favorable reply but nevertheless here is my story. I have 2 marriages made with my ex-husband. One secret marriage and the other church wedding and eventually got separated. It is our 15th year this year. He’s got his own family and I am living with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I would like to marry but due to my previous marriages, it is impossible for me to marry my boyfriend. I have loved my boyfriend so much that I would like to live with him as legal husband and wife. I cannot file for annulment as I don’t have the financial means to sustain it. Is there any other legal means where I can have my marriage annulled so I can re-marry? Thanks for your advise in advance.

  185. Dan says:

    I am a US Citizen. My filipina ex-wife is a Naturalized citizen of the US. I was married in the Philippines to a filipina. We divorced in the US in 2008. Is my divorce valid in the Philippines? Am I single under Philippine law? Can I remarry in the Philippines now.
    I believe the US Embassy will issue a letter approving my marriage here if I want.
    What do you think?

  186. happy says:

    Good day atty! My bf’s legal wife is attempting to file bigamy,concubinage and falsification of documents. Both of us we’re not married yet though we live in the same house and that we haven’t falsified any documents or whatsoever. They got separated already when I came in the picture and reason for their separation was his wife’s infidelity. My bf was just 18 then and his wife was I think 21yrs old when they got married. Now we got a baby already and his wife was able to secure a copy of our child’s birth certificate using my bf’s surname.. Thanks! Who’s capable of filing such case? Will it be my bf or his legal wife? Kindly shed some light on this matter.Thanks so much! God bless us all!

  187. Concerned says:

    I’m married without a marriage license and by a Solemnizing Officer. It was specified that under Art. 34 of Executive Order 209, there is no need for us to apply for a Marriage License and under that article, the determiner is that we should be living together for not less than 5 years. However, in fact we were not together for that long, there are no evidences or any proof of billing that I lived in our current location. I can’t also remember the solemnizing officer having us sign or get an oath or an affidavit with regards to the foregoing facts. Can I issue a nullity of our marriage because of that?

  188. kim says:

    im married in japanese here in philippines, and we divorce last december 10 2008, now i have a boyfriend he want to marry me, can i marry may boyfriend here in philippines again? what are the requirements to be remarry again?

  189. marie says:

    sir good evening…im a girlfriend of sepated guy im single since bith i wanted him to be my husband ..but she can’t afford to go on annulment unless legal separation.if he goes under legal it ok if we married is it legal?or not sir?hope for ur response..if i quit to our relationship its very hard for the both of us…her wife was with another man while she is abroad could that be ground for legal separation… thank you

  190. aileen says:


    good evening..i just wanna ask if the two couple separated for 4 years is it ok if a a woman get marry again for another guy?is it legal or not?

  191. john says:

    PLEASE HELP US !!!!! URGENT !!!!
    My fiancee in the Philippines is having trouble with the Australian embassy regarding her 2 children who disappeared with her former husband when he abandoned her in 1999.She already have a court order 6 months ago for presumptive death of her husband but no one knows the whereabout of the 2 children he took away when he abandoned her.The Australian embassy is asking the medical examinations for the 2 children before her fiancee visa can be granted even the children are not travelling with her.

  192. Wendell Cam says:

    I am married to my wife (Jenny Ontimare-Cam) of 25 years (date of marriage: 04/07/85) and is still married to her and is not separated either. We have three (3) children (Joan, 23; Joyce, 20 and Paul, 17). The two girls-Joan & Joyce lives with me in the United States while the boy-Paul is still residing in our house in Palanan, Makati City.

    On 02/16/09, she left our house, leaving behind our young boy-Paul in Palanan, Makati City to move-in with her new-found boyfriend (John Hancock, 61 years from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) whom she meet thru the internet dating websites. She was rented/bought a condo unit in Legaspi Village, Makati City in both their name (Jenny Ontimare-Cam & John Hancock).

    Their were imperfections and weaknesses in our marriage but not that we could not handle and/or settle. She was to take care (schooling & upbringing) of the kids while I was to take care of the financial & future living expenses.

    I was shocked after my mother (Severina Cam) called from the Philippines that my wife-Jenny left the house and moved-in into the conco unit in Legaspi Village, Makati City. I love my wife and will and ever love her. What she did is illegal and under our Philippine law, committed Adultery and in the eyes of God, also committed Adultery. On the part of the foreigner, he also committed a crime (even if unknowing of the circumstances) by Concubinage. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

    On 02/13/09, my wife-Jenny filed an annulment case in Imus RTC, Cavite (as she related to my mother) that it was easy to get the annulment case their (Imus, Cavite) because the judges or court could easily be bribe/fixed in her favor without any due process of law. Please correct me if i’m wrong again. The foreigner is financing (i believe) all of this illegal things against our marriage.

    And now the problem, what are the steps that I could take to nullify the annulment case against me or prevent any legal separation against me. A fraud has already taken place (my wife and the foreigner). Please provide me your opinion regarding this circumstances, thank you.


    Wendell Cam

  193. dominic says:

    i just want to ask who will pay the payment if i wanted to file an annulment case to my wife who cheated me,and said that he will break up with me becasuse she already have my wife wil bethe one who will shoulder all the payments?

  194. Marc says:

    To Wendell Cam:

    I suggest that you file a separate criminal case against your Wife and her foreign cohabitant despite her first filling of annulment case against you (i suppose) to give her a lesson just like what i did to my ex wife, (my ex did something in common she first cohabit with a man while i work my ass abroad, then filed annulment case(psychological incapacity as grounds)its better to get yourself a lawyer here if your still in the US, so the lawyer could start doing the research i bet your wife did the cheating so long that you can remember while you too work hard for their living…



  195. Josephine says:

    I have a friend who got married sometime 1990 civilly, but didnt live together after the wedding. After 2 months the man got married to another woman and the man went to USA with the second woman he got married, live together, had 2 children but got divorced last 2006. My friend and the man, agreed to annul their marriage. My friend needs to find out how much will be the over all expenses and how long. Thank you.

  196. joyce says:

    hello po,ask ko lang po in my case kasi 11 years na kami hiwalay nang husband ko..dahil sa kinakasama nyang babae at ngayon 2 na kids nasa abroad ako ngayon at nalaman ko na nagpakasal na pala sila which is indi pa na anul ang kasal namin.pwedi ko ba sila makasuhan nang bigamy kahit 11 years na kami hiwalay?

  197. Celia says:

    I married a married man in 1994. The marriage was never consummated since we did not live in together and acted as husbands and wives. The petition for absolute declaration of nullity of my marriage has been filed in court just last week. My question is this. Can my fiance file for a fiancee visa for me just after the decision of the court that it is null and void? And then, is it true that the philippine government is giving a long waiting period for a fiancee to get to the US if the fiance applies for a fiancee visa just after the court decision of nullity? Thanks and more power!

  198. lady says:

    I am separated from my husband for 6 years now, he left us,we have no communication,he has not given me any financial assistance for our child for six years, and no one knows of his whereabouts…Please let me know how can i file for a presumptive death, because i really want to move on with my life…how much and how long could the process take? Please help me.Thank you very much!

    Respecfully yours,

  199. e_gmel says:

    If a married Non-Muslim woman converts and embraces Islam, is the marriage done in Islam is valid in the Philippines? The second marriage was done in a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia. See . What the Philippine law provides for marriages done in Muslim Religion? Is there any special provision to that? Thanks.

  200. Vial says:

    hi…i am a naturalized uk citizen since 2006, i was married in the phils on 1989 with a filipino guy….now, i want to apply for divorce here in uk but my problem is will i be allowed to get married again in the phils if i obtain the divorce here in uk…

  201. William says:

    Dear Atty

    I am a Filipino citizen and married, my wife is a Filipino also.

    In March 2005, She went to Canada as Caregiver our communication is not so long, I remember we talk 2 minutes in a month.

    Before she go back to Philippines, I already heard that she is already seeing someone there in Canada.

    After 2 years on the month she left. She went back on June or July 2007 to Philippines and told me that she filed an annulment agains me. I tried to save our marriage but I cannot convince her.

    After a year, I was hired here in Singapore for a work related to my profesion, and then I met a women whom made me complete again. As of know I already have plans for the next coming year for this woman, I mean getting married again.

    The problem is, last year my wife hold the annulment due to application of permanent residence for a family, then probably this June until August the approval of the Canadian Embassy may come out.

    She then, I think, don’t want to continue the file of the annulment. But for me now, I wan’t to proceed it.

    Base on the Question and answer above, can I use the following ground:

    “If you’re separated from your spouse for 4 years, is that a sufficient ground for annulment?

    No. De facto separation is not a ground for annulment. However, the absence of 2 or 4 years, depending on the circumstances, may be enough to ask the court for a declaration of presumptive death of the “absent spouse”, in which case the petitioner may again re-marry”

    “What are the grounds for declaration of nullity of marriage?

    9. Psychological Incapacity. Psychological inability to take cognizance of and to assume the basic marital obligations; as well as the steps and procedure in filing a petition.”

    Furthermore, if ever we became citizen of Canada. Can I get marry again? because I think we are no longer Filipino that time.

    I seek for your assistance, Atty.

    Thank you in advance.

    May OUR ALMIGHTY GOD be with you always.

    Very truly yours

    William Galvez


  202. Rosalie Tacbas says:

    Good day attorney ang asawa ko kasi meron ibang pamilya malaki ang sahod nya kaso hindi nya sinusuportahan ang anak namin na nagaaral kaya napilitan ako ngayon na magtrabaho sa ibang bansa.Meron kasi nagadvise sa akin na idemanda ko siya kaya ngayon nakabinbin ang kaso sa Court of Appeals kaso hindi siya nagattend sa lahat ng hearing na nakaschedule sa korte. Nagtatrabaho kasi siya sa Middle East, kahit nandito na siya sa Pilipinas hindi parin siya nagaatend ng hearing. Gusto ko lang namn po na bigyan niya ng suporta ang anak ko kasi malaki ang sahod niya tapos nagaaral ang anak namin.Nalaman ko na buntis ang kinakasama nya ngyon. tulungan niyo po ako kung ano ang gagawin ko.

  203. Eagle 1 says:


    Me and my girlfriend has a relationship for almost 8 years and we build a small house I cavite.

    By the way I am married with 3 kids in short she is my mistress.

    We just separated last Nov 2008.

    Do I have a conjugal right over the house we put up even if all the papers are named on her behalf?

    I want to retrieve at least 30% from the proceed if she well sell the property

    Thank you very much.

    Eagle 1

  204. cristy says:

    i have been separated with my husband for over a year now. before, it never crossed my mind to have our marriage annulled until his brother-in -law told me that he saw my husband kissing another man. i was not surprised anymore about this ‘coz even before pa i have suspicions na that my husband is homosexual. i have asked him about this matter before and he said that he used to be gay when he was still in high school but he changed later. the point is, he did not admit his being homosexual prior to our marriage and that would fall under the grounds as fraud di po ba? please attorney advise me po on what should i do. thank you very much and God bless.

  205. agnes says:

    attorney,isa po ako sa nag-asawa ng koreanong iresponsable at tamad na may tatlong anak at sa ngayon dalawang taon na po kaming hiwalay bago pa po akong lumayas sa poder ng asawa ko ay nakalaan na ang devorcepaper na ang nkalaan doon ay ako ang magpapalaki ng pangalawa kong anak at bunso at sa kanya nman ang panganay..datapwat noong oras na iyon ay hindi natuloy dahil ang ibibigay lamang sa akin ay airplane tickets lang mahirap lang po kami at isa pa ulila na po ako sa magulang at may asawa na rin ang mga kapatid ko kaya nagpasya akong 2 taon ay umalis sa poder ng asawa ko

  206. agnes says:

    pagkalipas ng 2 taon dahil sa nakapag-ipon na ako ng pera at nakabili ng sariling lupa at bahay,ipinasya kong kunin ang aking dalawang anak pero sa kabila ng dako parang gumuho ang mundo ko ng binalikan at nalaman kong pina-adopt na pala ang pangalawa kong anak kaya sa kabila ng pagsisikap ko sa mga anak ko ay napunta sa wala labis kong idinamdam ang lahat ng nayari..ganunpaman,ang buhay ng isang katulad ko ay parang nawala ang human rights ko ng isang pagiging isang ina sa mga anak magpahanggang gnayon ay nag-aaantay ng katahimikan ng aking puso at damdamin lubos po akong mag-aantay sa inyong payo…..

  207. baby says:

    atty. gud day! my boyfriend and I were planning to get married this year. unluckily he was married to a japanese once here in the philippines. They separated and got a divorced in japan. We consulted an atty also and he was advising us to get a ” cancellation of marriage” so that we can be married here in the phil. now, we were seeking for a second opinion. my question is is it really posible 2 have that and probably, how long will the process takes? will it be valid when applying for a visa in japan? im looking forward for your kind reply. thnku.

  208. herminian says:

    my boyfriend got married to his teacher, 8 or 9 years his senior, then a US resident, sometime in 1977 in manila. right after their marriage, both of them went back to states. after 2 children, the wife filed a divorce in 1999 and it came out in 2000. incidentally, my boyfriend is already a US citizen. that’s when we started communicating through e-mail, and he came back to the philippines to see me. for the past 4 years, we have this long-distance relationship. we are planning to get married, but based on our law, since he was Filipino when he got married in 1977, he cannot marry another woman, even if they have their divorce approved in US. what chances are there for us to get married here in the philippines? can he be liable for bigamy in case his ex-wife gets back at him? as of now, i know that they are living apart from each other and that their kids visits my boyfriend at least every weekend. please help me made a right decision.

  209. ela says:

    dear atty, i am a filipina, married to a filipino here in the PI. after long years of marriage, i started to fall out of love with him and met this foreigner in the US. i am so in love with him that im thinking is there any possible way we can be legally married? what are the steps? thanks and more power!

  210. john says:

    atty,my wife and i were almost 3yrs separated verbal..we no longer communicate..we have a 3 yr old daughter..both of us decided to go separate problem now is that my wife is planning to file an adultery case against me, even though she knew that i have plans of getting our annulment case rolling not later than this coming it possible,that her adultery case against me will take effect?? coz both of us have different partners now.. what shall i do to counter charge her accusations?

  211. bhe says:

    I am a filipino citizen that was married to an American citizen in the USA and obtained an annulment of marriage in the USA thereafter. Does the Philippine government recognize my annulment or not?



  212. holmes says:

    article 26, family code

  213. Curious says:

    The married man is having a relationship with another woman who is single. Can he file for psychological incapacity for annulment? Or it is only the wife that can file psychological incapacity in this situation? If the man be convicted with concibunage, is it grounds for annulment?

  214. Grace Castaneda says:

    Dear atty,

    How can i change my name after being annulled? Kasi po all my accounts, IDs, passport and even my 2nd course bachelor’s degree are all under my married name. I am afraid it might pose a big problem soon if ever mag-apply ako abroad. According to a friend, mabusisi daw po sila sa name if you’re applying abroad that’s why i got worried. I already have my marriage certificated annotated and my ex-husband was able to marry another Filipina last year.

    Please help me, i don’t know where to start. I don’t even know if a catholic institution like my school entertains such things. And if ever, how long is the process?

    Thanks a lot, more power!

  215. angel says:

    hello po atty…

    saan po ba pwede pumunta kasi gusto ko pong mag file ng annulment..asawa ko po hapon..pero sa japan divorce n kami..pero d2 hindi pa..d2 po kmi kinasal s pinas …gusto ko po sana tlgang single ulit ako..hindi napo kami nagsasama ng dati kong asawa…mahigit 1 taon na kami di nagkikita!!! paano po ba..hindi ko po alam kung saan din ako kukuha ng atty. sana po matulungan nyo po ako..salamat po

  216. angel says:

    hello po atty..

    kapag nakapag annulment napo ako..ano po yun pwede narin ba ako ulit magpakasal kaagad agad.. taon po ba ang inaabot ng annulment before ikasal again???? salamat po..

  217. alma says:

    what if the wife is the one who left the husband and year past by the guy found somebody else already as well as the wife but she kept that relationship with other man a secret. they separated for 3 years now without seeing each other. and now the wife is harassing the husband for more money eventhough he didnt failed to give monthly support for his children and pay for all the school expenses. is it right to file an annulment because on the first place he is not the one who abandoned her only the wife who wants to be separated from him and he didnt know why but there are people telling him that shes fooling around while he is out of the country. what hes going to do with this and he wants to remarry in the future and live in a peaceful life again. pls advise tnx

  218. anna tanaka says:

    after reading all this stories..I am one of them seeking for an answer.Pls give me an e-mail account which I can contact…I need this prblem of mine resolve before the end of 2010..I want to be free again.Thank you

  219. julis says:

    Hi Atty. Fred,

    After reading some posts above I would like to seek some assistance in finding some lawyers who has experience in annulment cases. i would like to file an annulment for my marriage. Im in quezon city and im in a tight budget since im just an employee. thank you in advance

  220. nikolai says:

    Atty. Fred,

    Good day!

    My partner is not yet legally separated with his wife but they do have the written consent saying that they don’t care anymore with each other, no matter what they do as long as he still supports the children. Is that consent enough to protect me so that the girl cannot file anything against me? What can I do so that she can’t file anything against me? Can they used the written consent for filing legal separation or annulment?

    Please do reply on my e-mail add if its possible.


  221. jane says:

    ..hi….im jane i just wanna ask if there is any law here in the Philippines regarding the same sex marriege..???

  222. rodney says:

    how much will it cost to have an annulment? tnx

  223. MYTHA says:

    what are the effects of separation to the children of the separated couple?and also to the individuals who have separated? please reply to this message.

  224. cille says:

    gud eve atty., may bf po ako na kasal at may 2 kids, and when the girl knows na kami ng asawa nya sinugod nya me sa mismong house namin and complaining of ang pinatulan ko daw ay may asawa but nung andito cya dala dala nya ang wedding ring nila in short hindi na un sinusuot ng bf ko matagal na before pa naging kami.. and the reason kung bakit pinakasalan cya ng bf ko is nabuntis nya ito sa time na kakagaling pa lang nya sa ospital at naoperahan sa ulo so physical incapacitated pd maging grounds for annulment? and iwalay na sila ngaun nauwi lang f ko sa house nila kpg wikends just for the sake ng mga bata.. tnx po in advance sana masagot nyo concern ko…

  225. Danilo says:

    my gf po ako kaso maried po sya noon at 5 years n xa hiwalay sa asawa nya at gusto naman nya na kami n ang mag sama habang buhay at iwan n nya toloyan asawa nya. ano po ba dapat gawin namin?

  226. denise says:

    ca i file a fiancee visa while the man is married in the phillipines? thank you

  227. venus says:

    gud day poh atty…nagka bf poh aswa n..5yrs n cla kasal..pero mag 2yrs n cla d nagsasama,,,eh ginugulo poh aq ng asawa nia,,,which is nag eeskandalo xa sa harap ng maraming tao…matagal n rin poh kming wala contact ng asawa nia,,,pero now nung nagkita kmi eh cnvi nia n wala n daw talaga xa pakielam sa aswa nia at gsto makipagblikan,,,d q p poh xa ulit binabalikan,,makakasuhan poh b aq if nakipagbalikan aq sa knia?or kahit hindi aq makipagbalikan at nageeskandalo p rin aswa nia…wat poh pwede q gawin?please reply to my messge…tnx in advance..

  228. Marjhay says:

    hi atty.. tnong q lang po kng legal ba ung marriage nmin nung ex q? kc wer both 20 lang nun tpos gs2 nya secret weding lang so kaya wla kmeng witness.. kmeng 2 lang… valid ba un? kc may gF nko ngyn pero lagi pinapamukha skn ng ex q na kasal kme.. ehh hndi q nman xa gs2 dati pa.. n threat lang ako kc sabi nya mg susuicide daw xa pg d kme ngpakasal… un lang po.. tnx

  229. raks says:

    Atty. Is there 2009 case of annulment of marriage? thanks.

  230. badz says:

    i would like to ask,kung anu po ung pwede kong gawing actions if my husband has other woman at di po cya ngbibigay ng sustento ng maayos sa aming dalawang anak?tnx po have a nice day

  231. ritz tan says:

    Dear Atty,

    i am a woman that mistakenly married to a irresponsible man.
    have 2 children from elementary grades of my kids i am only the one who strive my best for food, education, shelter & clothing now my kids are both in college still i do all the responsibility. In 8 years of verbal separation without contact with my irresponsible husband still living in one roof for the sake of my 2 kids. Because of this I hate so much my husband. But years rolled to years i meet a hardworking guy and help me until time come i found out that i love him, and beside the fact he love me. I dont want that my 2 kid2 know about the secret relationship because i know they will ashamed to people that there mother link to a younger man. But in our 3 years of secret relationship with the guy time comes they know everything but it surprise me that the father of my 2 kids threaten me if i will not leave the guy he will tell my employer of my indescent doing and tell everybody about me.
    Honestly, i enter into these relationship wishing somehow he could help me through the small business we started. What brokes my hearts was my son cry…. why i do things like this. I decided a relationship looking for a partner on my responsibility and to share my problems and to send and let my two kids finished their college course. Its so sad that my irresponsible husband grab the opportunity upon knowing i have another guy, to forget my fault and start a new life because i am afraid he will tell my employer I agree besides of the fact that i hate, hate him. I cannot enter into a sinful relationship if he stand his obligation as father. Now If i will not agree to get sex with him, he will knock our bed make un easy noise so that i cannot sleep, i just keep silent because im afraid, my heart always stumble and im afraid i will die earlier and I know he will not interested if my kids finished schooling or not.
    Atty. I want a legal separation, and need my job so that I can still support my two kids. what will i do atty. Please i need your opinion.
    Thank You and more power.

  232. florinda mapilisanh says:

    my marriage was annulled in the phils last 2003 and i married a ntherland national in the netherland, my question is after my annulment am i allowed to drop the family name of my former husband and use my fathers name. I mean i changed my family name when got married again i used my fathers family name , is it legal.??? please enlighten me..after my annulment i dont want to use his name (my ex husband name because i felt so abused ) so am now using my fathers family name is it legal and binding in the phils law. thank you and i hope to hear from you .

  233. flor says:

    can you tell me what am i going to do, i married a dutch citizen after my marriage was annulled in the phils i dropped the my husband family name and i used my fathers family name is it legal and binding.. before i married i have my annulment first…

    can you answer my in my email add… which is tks

  234. honeylove says:

    hi my name is Honey been married for 16 yrs we got 4 kids and went home to take care of kids and suddenly he wants me choice him or his 4 kids and i say i stay w/ the kids cos nobody will take care of them but after awhile never heard of him and he abandon us its been 3 1/2 yrs and its really hard and i file a anulment to him and its been 2i/2 yrs i been waiting and his been hiding from me so thats why my case not yet finish please advise me what shall i do

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  236. jenki says:

    Good day Atty!
    my husband is in Canada but he is not citizen yet..can he file a legal separation of our marriage there? how long will it takes?
    if i file it here in the much will it costs? how long will it takes?
    please reply to my email…
    thanks & good health to u!!

  237. vivian says:

    hi ,,
    i just want to know what can i do to have a annulment to my husband i we both have or own family now…and we talk about this annulmant!!!what should we do to have this annulment …we been seperated since 2005 till now …i hope you can help us regarding this matter

    thank you

  238. she says:

    my sister’s boyfriend wants to marry my sister already but his marriage with another woman is not annulled yet. they have been separated for 7 years because the woman has been seeing another man while they were still together. the woman lives now with her boyfriend and they have kids together. when my sister’s bf contacted the girl, she’s willing to cooperate to push through with the annulment but the problem is she is in korea. the lawyer they asked said that she needs to apear in court, is this really necessary? how long will the annulment take in this case? are there any other legal means to annul their marriage? by the way, they have 1 child together who is living with my sister’s bf. thanks a lot and god bless

  239. polyn says:

    my husband is a us navy pero pinoy din xa..he suddenly stopped sending me financial support i don’t know why..pinagpipilitan din nya na divorce na daw kme dun ang pinagtataka ko e wla nman akong pinipirmahan na divorce papers at dito kami ikanasal so pde ba ung cnsbe nya?ayoko ng gamitin yung surname nya pde po ba un

  240. may says:

    hi im may…im married w/ a child.. my husband was an ovearseas b4 he come home i already had a bf and then i totally left him…now i have my 1 child in my new bf i know that my husband b4 know it that i hav another child…now im not using his surename…

  241. lea says:

    hi atty… nasa abroad po ako ngayon, may asawa po ako sa pilipinas, at isang anak, nong pumunta po ako dito di ko gamit ang apelyedo ng asawa ko single po ako, hangang nagkaproblema kami ng asawa ko sa ibat ibang dahilan, hangang nawalan na po kami ng respeto sa isat isa , at nag ka bf po ako dito at nag aaya na po pakasal ok lang po ba yon kc di ko naman gamit apelyedo nya? at kung hindi po pwede ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin para po mapa annul ang kasal namin?

  242. alex smith says:

    Very timely and informative. Thanks for sharing this.

  243. shanelle says:

    gud evening po atty, ask ko lang po 2years na po kaming hiwalay ng ex husbund ko then balita ko po may anak na sila.pero po atty di po ako nahingi ng sustento sa asawa mula noong june 2009.ask ko lang po after 7years or 8years po na wla kaming communication pwd na po ba ako magpakasal kung sakali?kung sakali lang po, kasi po di naman po natin masasabi baka po may dumating sa buhay ko na sya na talaga?atty send nyo na lang po sa email ko ung ans, thank u po and good luck po!!!

  244. mae says:

    hello po atty.. wala na po kaming communication ng x husband ko for almost 3years. may baby po kami and his turning 4 on november. kinasal po kami nung may of 2006. ngayon po hindi ko na alam kung asa siya. pwede ko po bang ifile na yun as presumptive death of “the absent spouse”? i’ll be waiting for a reply. thanks alot po..

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  246. rhizza says:

    Hi Atty!

    Me and my husband are now living here in Singapore. We acquired our Permanent Residency here since 2005. Our marital problem exist even before we moved here in Singapore. Now it’s getting even more worser. Both of us are willing to have a legal separation. My question is, are we allowed to file a legal separation here in Singapore? What are the procedures that we should undertake?
    Thank you for the attention rendered. Your response is highly appreciated.

  247. joseph says:

    yes good afternoon i just want to get some advice regarding my family issue. we got married in 2002 and when we got together had a nagger wife, her pride and not being honest to his husband often we cant overcome her family moral issue i tried my best however their principle and views are totally different wwith what we are being complete family and moral issue in the side of my wife. there are times my mom her mom influenced her i was dissapointed with their moral behavior they influence my wife and with her much pride they left home together my son im so very frustrated with that she never ever think it very serious bein that and i knew and discovered that she has an affair i know God can seee those things shes doing right now.
    My Question am i have the right to get my child ? wife abandone me left with my son i have my blooter and how can i getmy child please help me

  248. joseph says:

    first it was so nice and smooth i never expect that time come il be on a situation that we called Broken Family. i did myself did my job ,my best to provide my family needs however at certain point when time comes cant rid and some behavioral issue flogged me out. i had a nagger wife, her pride and not being honest to his husband often we cant overcome her family moral issue i tried my best however their principle and views are totally different wwith what we are being complete family and moral issue in the side of my wife. there are times my mom her mom influenced her i was dissapointed with their moral behavior they influence my wife and with her much pride they left home together my son im so very frustrated with that she never ever think it very serious bein that and i knew and discovered that she has an affair i know God can seee those things shes doing right now.
    My Question am i have the right to get my child ? wife abandone me left with my son i have my blooter and how can i getmy child please help me

  249. craze says:

    me and my husband been not together for almost 10 yrs he has a new girlfriend that living with him and have 1 baby boy is it automatically that we are separated if i will file anulment is it possible and how long should i wait to be out on my marriage

  250. Ryan says:

    I just got married last August of 2009. Before we got married she’s living in with another guy for 3 years. The difference is just a week before we had sexual intercourse. The bottom line here is she abandoned me now and she went back to her ex. Now, my question is What would be the last name of the baby. I want it under my name according to my wife, she wil us ietherher lastname or his ex’s lastname. I need some help here.

  251. jhenny says:

    is SECRET MARRIAGE same as the normal marriage?we got a SM last Oct. 17,1998 & I left 21st Oct.1998 & my husband left also for Saudi.due to some problems we don’t have a communication for 2 years then I found a guy who want to marry me.So we check in CENSUS then it was registered.Now he had his own family & me i had a son also with the other guy.
    Since we have done the SECRET MARRIAGE we didn’t not see each other again.1(998-2009)
    What will be the ground for annulment of our SECRET MARRIAGE.

    I want to get marry again please advice me on this issue.
    Thanks a lot & more powers,

    • wendy says:

      hello, i am Wendy 27yrs and my ex husband is 23yrs old.We had been married for almost 3 years in june 15. And we’ve been separated for just 2months now. Kaya lang po since kinasal kami i am the one working for our living, magttrabo xa on and off, d sya mktagal sa isang trabaho kaya ako palagi ang sumasagot mula sa pagkain, needs and bills namin. One day after his duty from work gusto nya nanaman magresign after just almost 1 1/2 months of working. He keeps on telling me that he wanted to work in a farther place like Manila, eventhough maraming job opportunities here in Baguio. I have let him go for so many times para mahanap nya at magawa ang gusto nya, but nothing happened sa lahat ng mga plano nya. Bumabalik sya sa akin na walang nangyari. Di ko po maintindihan kung ano ang gusto nya sa buhay nya, lagi nyang gusto lumayo,kesyo gusto nya magtrabaho, magabroad, magaral, etc. pero wala namang nangyayari. Since paulit-ulit nya bukambibig ito nagusap kami and we both agreed to separate, he told me di nya talaga kaya ang responsibilidad bilang asawa. that night he left without questions. But, naisip ko hindi naman ito ang way para matupad nya ang gusto nya. I texted him that i wanted him back but his answer was: “Pls naman Wendy 22hanin n ntn e2.gus2 ko mag army at magabroad na pero d ko magawa dhl sau.pls hanapin mo na magiging asawa mo.” and he told me hindi ko daw sya kayang suportahan kaya maghiwalay nalang kami. Only to find out one day na ang trabaho nya in Manila is Janitor. Is this considered as “mentally Incapacitated.” I am looking for a responsible guy, since he told me to look for a new husband I really look for him and i finally met him. My question is what would be my possible grounds for my ex so that i can remarry??? please help me coz my boyfriend is coming in the Philippines and willing to marry me here, but our problem is my annulment.

  252. jo says:

    hi ask q lang poh kung advisable poh b ung legal separation kung cant afford pra mgpaannul?nung umalis ang x hsband q ppuntang taiwan(2004)monts lng ngsupport cia s 3kids nmin,,,dmi kc ngng problema,,,tas bgla nlng d nia q tnext o tnwagan cnulatan q cia ngemail aq s knya pro d nia inaaccept tas binlock nia q s email nia…d n din cia ngsuporta s mga bata pro paginuuwi q ang bata s knila dun nia cnusuportahan s mgulang nia,tas pagkinukuha q d nia cnusuportahan…after 1yr paguwi q s knila nlaman q n ung babaeng andun s knila e nbuntisan nia,,ngkakilala cla s taiwan,,,at nwlan n q ng pagasa n mgkakablikan p kmi,at ayoq n rin nmn n kc meron n ciang iba,2005 0r 2006 q nkita ung babae dun at until now nkikita ang friendster nila at cla p nga,ano poh b ang dpat qng gwin kc d cia ngpapakita o nkikipagusap skin?please reply poh tnx

  253. angel says:

    hi i just want to ask if my marriage is valid..i got married last year here in manila…my husband is in london what happened is that i sent him the marriage contract for him to sign because he is not in the philippines at the time of marriage..after he signed the marriage contract he sent it back to me and then i signed before i gave it to the reverend/attorney in city hall…the bottom line is he is not present at the time of marriage he is in london while im in laguna..tnx

    • cindy says:

      technically, you’re marriage is void ab initio meaning void from the beginning. One of the essential requisites of marriage is a marriage ceremony – without which, the marriage will be void ab initio. In marriage ceremony, the barest minimum is the physical presence of the parties and their acceptance such as “i do” or “yes”.

    • pwede na ba? says:

      as a general rule, absence of the essential and formal requisite of marriage is void ab initio or inexistent from the beginning, and your marriage is fall under the formal requisite which provides that:

      1. A valid merriage license;
      2. both parties shall solemnize the marriage before the authorize solemnizing officer.
      3. That both parties declaring that they take each other as husband and wife in the rpesence of at least two (2) witnesses.

      However, since both of you were not complied in one requisite number 2, your marriage is void.

  254. Chris says:

    Hi there, how do I go about changing my child’s last name (from a previous marriage) to her mother’s last name? I am a Filipino but not living in the Philippines.

  255. meg123 says:

    well hi, i just want to ask you atty. regarding my case. Kinasal po ako nung 1995 civil i was 17 then and my ex was 16. naghiwalay na po kami since 1998 pa. Now we both want to remarry. According po sa mga nabasa ko Qualified po ako sa Voidable marriage since were both below 18 years old. My question atty. is ano po ba ang dapat namin gawin kasi po yung uncle po niya na nag ayos nung civil wedding namin is dinaya po yung age naming dalawa sya po ginawang 19 years old at ako po ginawang 18years old. Ano po ang dapat naming gawin kasi po kung annulment masyadong mahal ang sinisingil 250k po kung voidable pa rin po ba yun or pwede pong ireklamo ng falsification of public documents sino po ang kakasuhan since patay na rin po yung uncle nya na gumawa nun.

    I was hoping na mag reply po kayo. Thank you very much

    • cindy says:

      to meg: regardless if his uncle altered your age in the marriage contract, in truth you were still married under age. More so, if you were indeed 18 at the time you were married, you should have had a parental consent granting you permission to marry. If such consent is not present you would still be entitled to a voidable marriage.

  256. jen says:

    hi,po itatanong ko lang po kong pwede makipag annul sa sawa kong mahigit sampong taon na hindi xa nag tratrabaho ang kanyang mga kapatid lang ang bumubuhay sa min,pilit ko man mag hanap ng trabaho pero,wala akong makuha kasi mallit pa ang mga bata.kapag umuuwi ang mga kapatid nya ako ang pinapagalitan na maghanap nga raw ng trabaho.gusto ko ho nag makipaghiwalay sa aswa ko.may ground po ba ito tawag na kapabayaan?please advise me po.salamat

  257. zeth says:

    How much it will cost if i file legal separation? Because i still dnt have enough money to do the annullment.

  258. Sheena says:

    Hi, I want to file a legal separation against my husband but the problem is that, he is working abroad and when he visit the Philippines, he will just stay for 1 month. Is it possible to file for a legal separation even if he is out of the country? How long would be the process of legal separation and how much does it cost? Please reply, thank you.

  259. chris says:

    im planning to file legal separation / annulment / nullity of marriage to my wife. Very irresponsible talaga. nasa abroad siya at nagpapakasarap at di pa binabayaran ang mga dapat niyang bayaran. my kasunduan naman kami na dapat siya ang magbayad. almost 2 years na siya dun eh until now di pa nababayaran ang mga debts niya. ako tuloy ang kinukulit ng mga pinsan niyang pinagkakautangan niya dito… tutal my kasunduan naman kami na siya magbabayad eh napaka irresponsible siyang wife.. ano po ba ang tamang gawin?

  260. KG says:


    I married when I was 18 years old to a guy 13 years older than me. it was a secret marriage and only our parents knew about it.

    we applied for a marriage license, attended the seminar, and have asked a pastor friend to officiate the marriage privately. there was no CENOMAR submitted at that time when we got married.

    the date was march 2006, I then turned 19 on the following month april 2006.

    since it was secret as I am still in college, my parents have made an agreement to my ex-husband that they can only concent to have us get married is even if we are married, I will not change my last name until I graduated from college.

    so from then on, I never used his last name and continued to use my maiden name as always.

    there has been no other document that shows my last name as his only CENOMAR and MARRIAGE CONTRACT.

    on all my school documents, PRC documents, SSS, philhealth, bir, all of them are under my maiden name. on all my public records it is showing that I am single up to this day which I am now 24 years old turning 25 this april 2010.

    we never lived together, never, it was not made public that we were married, we have no child, we have been separated a year after we got married and until now we do not have any communication.

    I never used my married name, never not in any document.

    he already have someone in his life with 2 kids.

    is there anyway I can file for a petition, declaration of nullity and void of marriage? was our married null and void?

    please help me.


  261. robert velves says:

    I am separated for 9 years and now living in with my girlfriend with whom I have a 1 year old son. My girlfriend and I wanted to get married,so everything will be in order,my son with her will be legitimized,and for her family to show.
    My ex-wife and I,for 9 years separation have no cohabitation and only had met twice in those long years.The reason we separated was she became mentally ill and after about a year or so of taking care of her,maybe out of sadness for what happened in my life,I got involved with another woman,not my girlfriend.
    My problem is I don’t have money to afford case in the court. I’m a jobless man.I don’t even know a lawyer,and I don’t even know where and how to start. Law offices I see along my way makes me shy away. Where Can I get pro bono lawyer?And if there’s none,what is the cheapest cost a man like me can afford?Yesterday I went to Public Attorney’s Office,and I was told that my case is hopeless,and it would take so much time.The lawyer I talked with recommended that I should go to matrimonial tribunal of the Catholic Church where there is hope for the annulment that I seek,and that I should just w son for him to use my last name.What is the right way to do?Thank you so much.

  262. nine says:

    can bigamy be used as a ground for annulment? i’ve been separated from my husband for 3 years and i recently learned that he has re-married; he is now based abroad. how can i get an annulment given this situation? hope you can advise, thanks.

  263. carmen sulla says:


    I filed for an annulment 2 yrs ago and last month I got my certificate of finality saying that my marriage was null and void. I was married in the church but i filed for an annulment in the civil court. my fiance and i have been planning to get married when the decision comes out. my question is, would i be allowed to get married again?i live here in ireland, in the irish law if one got married in the church, he or she must obtain an annulment from the church and not from the civil court. i just want to know what the philippine law says about my case. will i be allowed to get married again (in the philippines or in ireland) even if i obtained my annulment from the civil court and not from the church?

    please enlighten me on this. thanking you..

  264. Dakiwid says:

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  265. Hello, like your site alot. I found it on bing will add it to bookmark and come back often again to read and follow. Please continue to do great job you do on it.

  266. desperada says:


    iam married last 2002 he is a american citizen..we have 5 years old kid and born here in the my husband want to file a divorce in TX..but i dont want to work with his plan..he is getting money from the IRS yearly as joint spouse but he never give me a single dime..his support to our kid is on and off.

    my questions:
    1.can he file that divorce in the TX,even if we are married here in the philippines?
    2.if i wont cooperate with the divorce(i wont sign it up) that he is telling me can he still be granted with that divorce?
    3.he also want to get the full custody of the kid..can he be granted with it..even if i wont agree that he can get that full custody..and he even just meet our kid once..last 2006 so in other words the kid didnt know him well except the fact that he is the father..
    4.he also cheated on me he had this lover he meet online…and i have a proof can this also be used against him?

  267. leah says:

    divorce is allowed in the philippines as presidential decree 1083 signed by the former pres marcos but you must be both muslims ( husband and wife must be a muslim ) or you must to convert into a muslim so that you can apply for divorce. when both husband and wife converted into muslim then pd 1083 will apply and their marriage automatically become a shariah marriage . divorce in shariah both parites must agreed to file a divorce unlike in our civil code or family code then there is a collusion between husband and wife the court will dismiss the petition coz the case is colluded. ( collusion means… they both agreed to file an annulment and it is not allowed . in family code ) i just wondered why philippine gov’t don’t allow divorce in civil law or family law phil govt must survey how many wives suffering from their husbands wish this gov’t can give a much
    better life to the abused wife ( abuse not only physically but mentally ) i have same problem with ellen_dejesus as well so atty fred pls help us
    thanks ..

  268. chezka says:

    hi!!! good day!!

    i need help po!!! i have a bf and wer planning to get married pero po nalaman ko nakasal sha and big problem po un gusto q lang po malaman na kung magfile po sha ng annulment maari po ba ma annul kc po 2002 nagstart mag abroad un Bf ko tapos un asawa nya and2 sa pilipinas d nmn po sha nagkukulang ng padala ng pera sa aswa nya kaso po un babae naging sakim na kapag po may humihingi ng tulong dun sa side ng BF ko na kapamilya nya ayaw po ng babae tumulong o tulungan un pamilya nun BF ko pero po pag pamilya nya ang huming ng tulong agad tinutulungan nung babae pero pilit po un iniintindi ng Bf ko hanggang sa magkasakit un nanay nya at walang ibang my kapasidad na tumulong kundi sha malala po kc un nanay nya nagkadiabetes tapos ang dami komplikasyon malimit po nilang magasawa pagawayan un kasi po ayaw nung babae magbibigay sha ng tulong sa kapamilya nya hanggang sa mamatay po un nanay nung BF ko na dinamdam ng BF ko ng husto dahil sa pakiramdam nya my magagawa sha tulong sa nanay nya pero d nya magawa dahil sa kasakiman ng asawa nya at dun na po nagstart na mawalan sha ng gana sa asawa isa pa po un asawa nya d man lang nakakaalala sa kanya na kumustahin sha maalala lang daw sha pag sweldo na nya pero kahit kelan po d nagkulang ng padalang pera un BF ko sa asawa nya dahil nga po sa ugali nung babae na ganun nagdesisyon un Bf ko na tuluyan ng makipaghiwalay…at ang sabi po ng babae sa kanya ” d hiwalay d lang nmn ikaw ang lalaki sa mundo” dun na po nagstart un BF ko na maghanap ng ipapalit nya sa aswa nya last Yr ko po sha nakilala pero ngayon ko lang po nalaman na may asawa sha kung magpapaannul po ba sha may pagasa na mapawalang bisa ang kasal nya sa una nung ikasal po sila un Bf ko ay 21 ung babae po ay 27 nabuntis nya po un babae kaya nya pinakasalan…salamat po!!!

    • janice says:

      hi chezka, gaano mo na po ba kakilala yang BF mo? yung family nya nakilala mo na ba sila lahat? sigurado ka ba na namatay nga yung nanay nya sa sakit na diabetes? ang name ba ng BF mo ay PHILIP LOUIE GARCIA ng Pandacan?
      kung oo, magdalawang isip ka sa kanya…pinapaikot ka lang nya ako yung naloko nyan binuntis lang ako nyan . grabe kung magpaawa yan syempre naloko na rin ako nyan. araw-araw ako ngtetext nung nasa riyadh sya tapos sabi hindi ko sya tinetext sa kanya kaya nalaman ko na lang pag-uwi nya sa bahay ng family nya may pinakilala nang ibang babae as GF. kaawa-awa kaming mag-ina nya wala pang 1 year anak namin iniwan nya na kami. ndi sya magiging mabuting asawa sayo at ama..i tell you. ndi totoo na patay na nanay nya at ndi totoo na nagdadamot ako ng tulong coz i never do that & wala nga sya halos naipadala saming mag-ina. just a piece of advice from me….nasa sayo na yan kung makikipaglaro ka sa kanya. babae naman kasi ang laging talo kahit ano gawin natin di ba? kung magpapaloko tayo… -janice from bicol

      • janice says:

        to CHEZKA, ano po? sya po ba yung tinutukoy mo? c MR. PHILIP LOUIE GARCIA ng Pandacan Manila? lahat po ng nalalaman mo sa kanya kasinungalingan…
        1. hindi patay mama nya galing nga lang dito samin kanina lang buhay na buhay.
        2. 2008 lang sya naka-alis puntang ibang bansa particularly riyadh.
        3. hindi sya 23 at ngayon 25 na sya, asawa nya 26 nun…at walang pilitang nangyari kusa nyang pinanagutan.
        4. MOSTLY, NEVER humingi ng tulong financial ang family ko sa kanya cuz hindi naman sa nagmamayabang we can afford also.
        5. NEVER akong nagdamot before pa nga sya umalis sabi ko wag kakalimutan family nya kasi pinapa-aral nya brother nya ng nursing.
        6.wala nga sya halos maipadalang sustento sa anak naming baby boy kasi maluho yan…kahit ganun pinaglaban ko pa sya at pig-try na kausapin para i-ayos ang di namin unawaan pero mas pinili nya babae nya. ano kaya kung mangyari din sayo nangyari sakin matatanggap mo ba na gaguhin ka nyan?
        5. BABY din ba tawag nya sayo? maybe baby din tawag nya sa GF nya ngayon..yup, hindi ka nag-iisa 3 daw kayo sabi ng mama nya sakin. KAREN ba name mo? if not one of you name karen better OPEN your eyes WIDE…i mean very WIDE. just a friendly advice.

  269. cristy says:

    hi po.!

    i will ask lang about my bf foriegner cxa tapos he’s married to a lady from cebu and he tooks her wife to USA then later her wife want to come home in the philippiness and he cant do nothing so he send the her back to her country but now the question is can he get a divorce in USA even he’s marry in phillippiness???

    salamat po sa website…

  270. Lorenzo de Vera says:

    My son got married right after college graduation year1993 to a US citizen who bound to US in a week. After a year of stay in America of that girl stop communication with my son abandon my son. Later we discover she had married to another guy and have a family now here in California. 15 years past have no divorce nor communication to my son. what’s the status of that marriage. Is it still valid or automatically annuled. because that marriage did not materilaized since she left my son in 1993 and no communication with my son up to now.

  271. heidee says:

    hi, my husband abandoned us 10 years ako. (2001) he left us to be with another girl. the said girl is naanakan nya before. tapos ngayon they have 6 kids na. what’s the best thing to do, i want to remarry a US citizen guy kaso mahirap daw kasi di ako legally separated. please help me what to do. salamat!

  272. eiliah says:

    ask ko lang… pede bako ulet mag-asawa ng korean khit divorce nako sa naunang korean? dinivorce ako ng x husband ko 2weeks pagkarating ko dto (that was 2 years ago and i was 20) kc inayawan ako ng nanay, tas nakakilala ako ng new korean guy at magkalive-in kme for a long time and im illegal here in korea… anoh bang mga dapat kong gawen para makapagpakasal kme para mging legal nako…thanks^^

  273. eiliah says:

    Hi! ask ko lang… pede bako ulet mag-asawa ng korean khit divorce nako sa naunang korean? dinivorce ako ng x husband ko 2weeks pagkarating ko dto (that was 2 years ago and i was 20) kc inayawan ako ng nanay, tas nakakilala ako ng new korean guy at magkalive-in kme for a long time and im illegal here in korea… anoh bang mga dapat kong gawen para makapagpakasal kme para mging legal nako…thank you^^

  274. Alex says:

    helo po..gud mornin,.sept. 1992 napilitan akung mgpakasal sa babaeng nabuntisan dhil sa kapakanan ng anak ko. at year 2000,pumunta po asawa ko sa dubai.after 3 yrs umuwi siya sa pinas at wala man lang ni kusing na dala kahit pasalubong lng,at dhil sa hindi ko alam ang arabic nakipg.usap siya sa lalaki,di ko alam kung anu ang pangalan,. bumalik siya sa dubai last 2003,at paminsan2x lang siya tumawag sa akin wala kming magandang don ko nabalitaan na my lalaki pla siya sa dubai..2005 nakakita ako ng babae at my anak kaming isa,.at don siya palagi ng tumatawag sa akin ng malaman niyang my babae kinuha ko 2 mga bata ko sa kanya..anu po bah pwedeng ifile ko?hanggang ngaun wala na kaming communication for 7 yrs..

  275. zahra says:

    hello po..just like everyone here, im also confused and would like to find answers to my questions:

    i got pregnant when i was 21 so i decided to marry (was already 3mos pregnant) my boyfriend. we had a civil wedding (may 2004) first where my mother’s signature on the parental consent was forged.. no family member on my side was present during this ceremony. only the guy’s family and friends. after 1 year, since my parents are devout catholics, we got married again in the church in a special ceremony (the priest was a close friend of my parents). there was no mass, just the exchange of vows in the presence of the priest and witnesses including my parents.

    after 4 yrs of marriage, on 2008, i decided to work in saudi arabia since my husband is so irresponsible. after 2 yrs, i converted to islam. is it true that i am officially divorced from my husband since he is not muslim like me?.. also, on what grounds can i file for annulment?

    i am so confused right now and would like to know your advise so i will know the steps on what to do next.. thank you.

  276. anna says:

    i just want to ask and maybe u could help me,,,
    i got married to an american last 2007 and after 3 months he went back to his country.. after that i didnt hear anything from him at all.. the last word he told me that he cant support me and he needs to help his mother.. in short, his mother also doesnt like me.. does my marriage is valid? do i need to annull? do u have an idea how much also, but i cant find him anymore if ever for an annullment case.. ty.God bless.